Saturday 9-14-19 Shower for Riley

The reason for going to Hastings was for our grandson Andrew’ fiance Riley’s wedding shower.We slept in late. Cathy showered and went to the shower at 1:00 PM.Andrew picked me up and we went lunch at Philanders Grill and Bar. We each had a tall Spotted Cow and a hamburgerWe then went to St Croix Liquor to buy Spotted CowIt is only available in Wisconsin and lots of Minnesotans flock to Wisconsin to buy it.When we got back to Jim and Alison’s, Jim was home from work. He suggested that we go for a boat ride.We to the marina in downtown HastingsWe got on the boat and Jim started the engines. The starboard engine wouldn’t turn over. Jim had to tap the starter solenoid to get it goingWe headed out in the Mississippi to the St Croix. We went under the new highway bridgePast some bargesUnder the draw bridges into the clean waters of the St CroixWe saw a lot nice swimming beaches and expensive housesWhen we got back home, we ent to eat Wiederholts Supper Club in Miesville, MN. This was the second Supper Club this weekThey have been in business for over 70 years.I had Ham Steak off of the light eaters section of the menuIt was a huge piece of ham with pineapple on top. I brought most of it home.We went back to Alison and Jim’s and had coffee and talked.

Friday 9-13-19 East Ashtabula Crossing to Hastings

It continued to rain over night. When I went out at 9:00 AM, just about everyone was gone

Talked to Joyce and Myron and got ready to leave

Left campground at 10:30 AM. Went down. Hwy 21 to Hwy 6 to Hwy 32 and then I-94 to Fargo.

Stopped at Mills Fleet Farm for gas. Willie and Gerry were also there. They were on their way to the Grape Stomp in Alexandria.

Went into store for candy and nuts for 4 cent/gal discount on gas

It took 70 gallons.

Got two free bags of fresh popcorn

Got out of Fargo at noon.

Stopped at Rest Area west of Alexandria. Truck next to us had two Border Collies

Drove on to Hastings and got there at 6:15 PM. Parked in front of Alison and Jim’s house. Alison was out getting things for Riley’s shower tomorrow.

Jim had to go to bed at 8:00 PM because he has to go into work early to fix damage done by water main break by their switch gear.

Joy played with the kids and Nala, Sean’s cat. Joy was excited to see Alison when she got home at 9:00 PM. She had to work late because of a patient emergency at the clinic.

WIT Campout in New Rockford Friday 8-9-19

Day started overcast. Cathy went to bakery at 8:00 AM to pick up cinnamon and caramel rolls.

Everyone brought something. We had bacon, sausages, salmon, grits, hash. Potatoes and eggs, brownies, fruit, muffins

The sun came out while we were eating

The first motorhome left at 10:30 AM

They pulled out slowly until only the hosts were left

We left at 12:50 PM. We headed out on US-281 to ND-15. We stopped in Tolna to walk Joy

We stayed on ND-15 to ND-18. At Hatton we headed east to Buxton via Traill Co 14 and 21. We got back to Buxton at 4:00 PM

WIT Campout in New Rockford Thursday 8-8-19

We started the day by Donna, Cathy & me making breakfast for everyone. We bought hash browns in Grand Forks, but I forgot to put them in the motorhome freezer. Had to go to Miller’s Super Market and get some. We had sausage, eggs and hash browns. Helen made grits. Colleen brought scones from Ada, Doris brought zucchini bread, Myron brought fruit.

They opened up the buildings do we could see the old tractors

And steam engines

We had an appointment to tour Eddy County Museum at 1 PM. We went to wrong Museum at west end of fairgrounds.

Used Google Maps to find right location

Part of the location was in Stravanger Lutheran Church

Cathy & I have Nye Stavanger Lutheran Church behind our house in Buxton

They had a taxidermy exhibit with a two headed calf

There was a medical office exhibit

The mayor of New Rockford, Calvin Packard was our guide

They also had a rural school house and depot building

We drove around town and looked at the two other RV Parks, either would have been too small for us

We stopped at bakery to put in order for tomorrow

Went back for Happy Hour

Joy got in a lot of ball playing with several playing with her

Then Donna and Cathy put out dinner. Pork loin, corn, beans from Gloria, coleslaw from Doris, broccoli salad from Colleen, potato salad from Helen, brownie dessert from Gloria, water melon from Myron and ice cream novelties from Mark.

WIT Campout in New Rockford Wednesday 8-7-19

Donna started the day by making breakfast for everyone. She made ham and potatoes and Mark & Myron brought rolls & fruit.

We had our club meeting in the main fairgrounds building

We went to the Latte Lobby in the basement of the Old Church Theater for dinner

After dinner we went upstairs for the production of “Oklahoma”

The cast was very professional.

Cathy visited with the cast after the performance

The show started at 7:30 PM. The intermission was at 9:00 PM and ended at 10:15 PM

New Rockford Fairgrounds Tuesday 8-6-19

Left Buxton at 2:10 PM. Took US-200 to Carrington then US-281 to New Rockford. Camping at Eddy Country Fairgrounds. Donna, Mark and Myron were already here.

Shortly after arrival a storm blew in

Some hail. The town evidently got quite a bit as reported on WDAY weather.

Everyone came into our motorhome for tacos

Watched two episodes of “Murdur is My Life, ” an Australian series staring Lucy Lawless.

Went Back to Buxton Wednesday 6-19-19

After spending the night parked in front of my sister’s house in Bismarck, we decided to go back to Buxton

We stopped at my sister’s shake and tea nutrition store on the NE side of Bismarck in a new shopping center

Cathy and I each enjoyed a shake and Cathy also had tea

We said good bye to my sister Judy and headed out

We stopped at truck stop in Steele.

Prices we’re good, but could only pump $50 at a time to get Fuel Rewards 3 cent/gal discount. Got tired of that after 3 times and 60 gallons.

Price with discount $2.469

This truck stop is now a Travel America

Next stopped at Oriska Rest Stop to walk Joy

It is in the center median of I-94

Stopped in Fargo to fill up at Mill’s Fleet Farm

Gas was $2.449

Bought some nuts and jelly beans to get the 4 cent/gal discount for final cost of $2.409/gal.

Got home at about $8:30 PM.

Cathy heated up the Ravioli take home from Olive Garden and made a salad.