Monday 10-18-21 Cold Spring to Buxton

Another perfect day. Sunny and warm. Strong south wind.

Got up and made coffee.

Joy and I went in to the house and visited with Jay and Kayla.

Jay had to go to work at 11:30AM.

Tightened the bolts on the tow bar. Pulled in the slide and raised the jacks.

Cathy helped me hook up the Equinox.

Headed north out of Cold Spring past Big Fish Lake to Avon. Got on I-94 and headed west. Stopped in Alexandria at Mill’s Fleet Farm. Bought nuts, candy and coffee.

Filled with gas at $3.059 with the 4 cent coupon. 51.58 gal for $159.85.

Drove on to Fergus Falls and stopped to visit brother Pat and his wife Linda. We had muffins and caught up on things.

I had planned on topping off the propane at Stamart, but was afraid they quit selling propane at 6:00PM. Cathy called to check. They said they sell propane until 10:00PM, but their RV filler was down.

Didn’t stop in Fargo and got back to Buxton at 6:50PM. Round trip to Michigan 1704 miles

Went across the street to visit Larry and Princess.

Heated up the left over meat and fried rice from Fuji Steakhouse last night.

Watched NCIS.

Sunday 10-17-21 Hastings to Cold Spring

Beautiful fall day. Sunny and warm.

Made coffee.

Sean and Zoe were trying out their new back pack blower on the leaves

Put the tow bar on the Equinox and got motorhome ready to leave

Started for Cold Spring at 12:00PM. Stopped at Trader Joe’s in Maple Grove

Bought some Italian pasta, salmon patties and salami.

Got back on the road. Traffic was heavy in both directions.

Got to Jay’s at 3:00PM. Unhooked Equinox and put jacks down and slide out

Took Jay and the girls out for dinner in honor of Anya’s 13th birthday. She picked Fuji Steakhouse

We all had Hibachi Entrees

I had steak and Kirin Draft Beer

We went back to Cold Spring and had cake and ice cream.

Jersey and Vegas were asleep on the floor

and Joy in a chair

Watched TV and had a Kona beer

Saturday 10-16-21 River Falls, WI

Got up. Made coffee and ate ginger snaps for breakfast.

Watched Fox News.

At 10:30AM left for River Falls, WI to visit Gary, my friend from the second grade. We did a lot of camping and went to Europe together.

It was a pretty drive through Prescott and the Wisconsin farm land. They were harvesting corn.

Spent 2 hours talking to Gary. His neighbor from when he lived in Bismarck also stopped by.

Drove back to Hastings and filled the Equinox at M&H Station. They have 4 blends of diesel

Filled with #2 at $3.499/gal.

Cathy, Joy and I went to Alison and Jim’s house. Really a nice house. Our Great Grand Daughter Bridgette was there. Alison gave us a tour of the house and yard

all fenced in back yard

Alison made tacos for dinner.

We watched the Army Wisconsin football game. Wisconsin won 20 to 14.

Joy sat with Alison

Cathy, Bridgette and I on couch, Duke on the floor

At 10:00PM we went back to motorhome.

Watched YouTube videos.

Friday 10-15-21 Hastings

Got up made coffee and bagel.

Walked Joy. Talked to our overnight neighbor in the Ghost Super C

Something happened to his 4 Down Towing of the Jeep Rubicon. He was going to rent a U-Haul trailer to tow the Jeep. He is from Alaska, but also has a place on Upper Peninsula Michigan. He is on his way to Scranton, ND to go bird hunting.

We left the Walmart at Shawano at 9:35AM. We drove through town on Business W-29. Cathy’s college roommate was from Shamano and Cathy was in her Wedding in Shamano. Headed west on W-29.

Stopped in Abbotsford at a Shell station for gas. $3.349 and 3 cents per gallon off with Loyalty Card.

There was a McDonalds attached so Cathy got a cone and I got a cup of coffee.

Stopped at first Rest Area on I-94. I ran the Equinox to charge the battery.

Continued on into Minnesota. At Stillwater, turned south on MN-95 then onto US-61. Got to Sean’s house at 3:00PM. He was on his mower. Backed into his driveway

Put the jacks down and bedroom slide out. Plugged in the power.

Toured his house and yard. He has nice pool

Jim came and built a fire in the fire pit

Andrew & Rylee came with Ivy, their Golden Doodle. Alison came and we sat around the fire. I brought Joy out

Jim ordered pizza and when it came we went in house to eat it.

Sean’s cats Frye & Fred entertained us


Ivy makes a nice lap dog.

Watched Blue Bloods and Fargo news on WDAY with Sling.

Thursday 10-14-21 Leave Hillman – Headed to Hastings

Got up early. Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

We left for Avalon Lake and the Olsen’s at 9:00AM.

Stopped at Melissa’s. She had just gotten up. She took us over to Daris’s. Kathryn, Erik, AJ and Aksel were up.

Helped AJ with a Jig Saw Puzzle. Aksel was pretty busy checking things out

AJ and Erik showed off their Bluee Halloween Costumes

Said good bye and went back to motorhome.

Pulled in the slides and raised the jacks.

Filled with water

Disconnected the electrical cord and pulled ahead to dump the holding tanks

Made a cup of coffee

Head north on F-21 to Roger’s City. Turned onto US-23 at Roger’s City. At Mackinac City turned onto I-75 and crossed the Mackinac Straits Bridge, another $14. Turned onto US-2. Took US-2 to Escanaba. Turned south on M-35 to Menomonee. Took some crummy back roads to W-29. Took W-29 to Shawano, WI. Stopped for the night at Walmart

Went into Walmart for a few things at 8:30PM. At 8:45PM they announced that because of city ordinance, no alcohol could be sold after 9:00PM.

Watched Big Sky on Sling.

Wednesday 10-13-21 We Move to Thunder Bay RV Resort

Got up made coffee and bagel.

Got things straightened out in motorhome to make a move to Thunder Bay RV Resort.

Watched GMA and Live with Kelly & Ryan.

Took Joy for a walk around RV park. Went by the stone cabins

down to the Boat Ramp

Pulled in the slides, raised the jacks and put the blocks and cables away

I drove the motorhome to the BP Station to fill

87 octane was $3.349

Took 72.44 gal and was $242.60. 6.19 mpg since last fill.

Drove over to Thunder Bay RV Resort

Checked in at the office

It was $32.50 per night

Drove to assigned site #8

Took Joy for a walk to check it out. It has 23 full hookup sites

a pavilion

and Horse Shoe area

Drove out to Avalon Lake and the Olsen Compound.

Sat on the deck and watched the lake. It was overcast and warm. Had a beer and watched AJ and Aksel

Melissa and AJ went AJ’s Pumpkin Patch this morning.

Sonya needed to catch a 6:00PM flight. She came to say good bye. Erik was taking her so I said he should pick up drawer slides for his mother’s bathroom hamper.

Some of Melissa’s cousins came over in kayaks. AJ took her clothes off and went in the water

Melissa brought her a shirt. She went for a kayak ride

Joy was busy checking out chipmunks and squirrels

Erik got back from Alpena with pizza for dinner.

After dinner, Erik and I installed the drawer slides

We had to do some modifications, but got it installed.

We went back to motorhome at 9:00PM local time.

We watched “Hard as Nails” and “CSI Las Vegas on Sling from the AirTV at home.

Tuesday 10-12-21 Erik’s Jeep is Delivered – Dinner in Hillman

Got up, had the usual coffee & bagel.

Checked email & Internet. Watched GMA & Live with Kelly & Ryan.

Sliced up Pepperoni, Salami, Summer Sausage & cheese for afternoon snack.

Stopped at ACE Hardware and bought screws and Super Glue.

Went into Melissa’s and talked to Arild. He made me a cup of coffee. Melissa was bowling in Rogers.

I glued the broken knob back together. Put on the knobs with wood screws. The lower cabinet knobs needed machine screws. The ones Melissa wanted to use were too short.

Melissa came home and Erik got a call that the Car Transporter was about 45 minutes away. It had the 1966 Jeep Erik inherited from his grandfather. He had shipped it to California to work on it and shipped it back to Hillman from Monterey.

Erik, Melissa and I went into Hillman to meet the Car Transporter. He was going to the BP Station.

We stopped at ACE Hardware and bought the necessary screws.

While we were waiting we saw this Studebaker Hawk from Montana

The Car Transporter showed up

I video recorded the unloading

I took a picture of Erik and Doug the transporter

He is a farmer from Missouri and does this for his mad money. He grossed $47,000 on this run. He had another drop to make in Alpena. He said he paid $150,000 for the Transporter.

Erik drove the Jeep to his grandmother’s and parked it in her garage with the loft

We then all went into Hillman to eat at Chauncey’s Pub

The younger ones sat at a high table

and the older at table with chairs

Sonya had a video meeting in the corner

AJ & Aksel played on the Pool Table

They have Fair & Balanced TV. CNN, Outdoor Channel, Fox News and A&E.

The handle on inside Men’s Room door was unique

We said Good Night to everyone and went back to the motorhome. We were welcomed by 6 deer

We watched the 3 FBI shows.

Monday 10-11-21 Alpena, MI

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Took Joy for a walk and checked out showers. They are very nice.

Walked back to our site

At noon we headed east on M-33 to Alpena. MI. Stopped at Walmart and picked up a few things. Got some snacks for the afternoon.

Went to Dollar Tree and got Arizona Tea and a few other things.

There is also a Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply and Home Depot in Alpena.

Went to Avalon Lake. Fixed a porch lite for Erik’s mom

Started putting knobs on cabinet doors, but couldn’t find the right screws. Will stop at hardware store on way out tomorrow. She has a nice shop in the basement

Went up on the deck. Erik was flying his drone and Joy was going after it

Erik, Nick and Sonya rowed out to middle of lake. Erik and Sonya swam back. AJ was playing in the water.

AJ was making sandwiches

Erik’s mother and grandmother made a great chicken dinner

AJ and Aksel enjoyed sitting at the table after dinner and eating cake

Started watching the Colts Raven game.

Said good bye to Erik’s cousin Nick who will be leaving early in the morning and Sonya. They were God-parents.

Went back to motorhome and watched NCIS & NCIS Hawaii.

Sunday 10-10-21 Baptism Day

Got up early & made coffee. Got ready to attend Alessandra & Aksel’s Baptism.

We drove into Hillman and met the Olsen’s at the BP Station.

Followed them to St Johns Church in the country.

It is a beautiful church built in 1932.

Melissa’s cousin JR, a retired Pastor performed the ceremony

After the ceremony we followed the Olsen’s back to Erik’s grandmother’s for brunch. We had delicious ham, beans, bagels, lox, cream cheese, Eggs Benedict, sweet breads and fruit.

Spent the afternoon socializing and playing with AJ & Aksel. Joy had a good time snooping around outside.

Erik showed me the shop under his mother’s house and the guest house next door. He also showed me a neighbor’s RV parking space that she said we could use. Didn’t look like enough room and fairly steep drive.

Melissa made pasta with a squash sauce for dinner.

We left for the motorhome at 8:00PM. No Maps problem tonight.

Watched “The Rookie” and YouTube videos.

Saturday 10-9-21 We get to Hillman

Got up made coffee and got ready to leave. Cleaned the windshield and got ready to leave. Left our campsite at 11:00AM.

Turned south onto US-23. We drove 12 mi to Cheboygan where Maps had us turn onto F-05, a narrow county back road. 12 mi farther it turned into Black River Road a wider scenic drive. It then turned into M-33. The last 10 miles were on nice county roads.

We checked out the Emerick Park campground in Hillman and decided to go to GoodLife Family Campground, who Cathy had talked to on the phone.

We checked in at 2:00PM

We got to park wherever we wanted. Picked a nice level site and set up.

At 3:00PM we left for the Olsen’s. Steep driveway. I parked near the top and we walked down

The Olsen Compound consists of several lake front homes including Erik’s parents and grandmother and other relatives.

We joined them on the end of the dock

AJ was playing nude in the water

There was a water skier on the lake. It was a warm summer like day. There was a group of people on a pontoon boat

Erik’s mother provided a great pot roast dinner and pies for dessert.

AJ had fun chasing Joy. Aksel even joined in.

We left to go back to campground about 8:00PM. I lost Internet on my phone and it was dark, raining and patches of dense fog. About half way to campground my phone started working again. Made it back safely.

Will meet everyone at the BP Station in Hillman to go to St. John’s Church for the Baptism.