Friday 1-24-20 Donna is Charging with Solar & We Move to La Posa South

It was another clear, sunny day. Overnight low was 48F and high today was 75F.

Ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk. Started putting outdoor equipment away in preparation for moving.

Dug’s solar was putting out a lot more power, from the time the sun was barely up.

We got started finishing up Donna’s solar. Finished getting the 120 VAC from inverter to the Shore Power Compartment. The Winnebago Outlook didn’t come with a Transfer Switch, so will have to order one.

Dug cut out holes for the Battery Meter and Inverter Switch

Meter on top and switch under it

I finished wiring the Controller Panel and Dug connected the Panel and Battery Cables

Connected the Batteries and installed the Victron App on Donna’s Android Phone.

We finished loading, Dug took a shower and we were ready to go.

Dug and Rhoda we’re headed back to California.

Stopped for Propane on the way through Quartzsite

It took 18 gallons

Stopped and registered at La Posa South

Drove to the Dump Station and waited in line

Filled with water

and drove to the same place we parked a couple weeks ago

Donna drove us into Quartzite. We stopped at Johnson RV so Cathy could look at a Vista 31KE

We then went to Sweet Darlene’s for the Fish Fry

The meal was good. They have interesting murals. They also have a Gift Store.


Went back to the motorhomes and watched TV.

Thursday 1-23-20 La Mesa RV & Donna’s Solar Install

Perfect morning. Clear, no wind and 49F overnight low. The high today was 70F.

Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk.

Dug and Rhoda went into Quartzite.

Made a Salami sandwich for lunch

About 1:00PM Donna, Cathy and I went in to Quartzsite. We stopped at La Mesa RV

In years past they used to have a free lunch everyday. They still have a free breakfast

We looked at the Winnebago Class A motorhomes they had in stock. Two Vistas, an Intent and an Adventurer. There was one Vista that could sleep 10

We stopped at the General Store to fill water and buy Tortillas

We stopped at a Flea Market where I had bought a Corning Ware pan. They had another with a lid for $8 and I decided to get it

We stopped at McDonald’s for 69 cent cones and went back to Plamosa Road.

Dug and Rhoda we’re back. Dug picked up the MC4 extension cable he needed, so we finished his install of the 327 watt panel

We then went back to work on Donna’s. We got the Battery Cables finished on the controller end and worked on the Inverter to Shore Power 120 VAC connection

We had Tacos for dinner. Donna made the Taco Meat, Rhoda Pico de Gallo and Cathy Black Beans. I heated the Tortillas on the Griddle

Watched Magnum P.I. and YouTube videos

Wednesday 1-22-20 RTR Seminars and Shrimp for Dinner

Cloudy with drizzle this morning. Low overnight 49F and high today 67F.

Donna, Rhoda, Dug and I left for the La Paz County Fairgrounds at 9:20AM for the RTR Seminars. At 10:00AM we went to “Medical in Algodonnes/Travel in Baja”. We learned quite a bit about going to Mexico. The Algodonnes was done by Silvianne Delmars

and Travel in Baja by Frank Lagoria

I looked at the van bought and converted by HOWA for a needy person

We went to Running Man Gas for diesel

Then to Walmart. We bought shrimp to grill for dinner

We then went back to the RTR for the “Way Up North (Traveling Canada Alaska)” seminar done by Madison Pruet

He gave a lot of good information about going to Alaska

We got back about 3:00PM. We got a little more done on Donna’s solar install and got Dug’s solar panel installed on his roof

An older Rat Terrier came into our camp. Her name is Jasmine and her owners were trying to catch her. She is 20 years old, deaf and mostly blind

Everyone was busy getting things ready for dinner. Donna was making rice, Rhoda a salad and Dug shrimp

Jasmine’s owner came over with another Rat Terrier named Zoe, she is 14 years old. They also have two Chihuahuas, all four are girls

There was a beautiful sunset

The dinner was great

Donna thinks it was the best shrimp she has ever had

We had a campfire after dinner

Watched Fox News

Tuesday 1-21-20 Police Across the Road Donna’s Solar Install

Cloudy and even a little rain this morning. 47F overnight and 61F for a high. Sun started to come out after noon.

Took Joy for a short walk after my breakfast.

Noticed a police car across the road

Dug and I got an early start on Donna’s solar install.

I used a hole saw to mount cable glands on refrigerator vent

Took us most of the day to get the PV cables to where the controller will be mounted

Donna went in to Herb’s Hardware for plywood backboard and grommets

I mounted the components on the backboard

We got PV cable run the whole way and cable glands in place for battery cables

We haven’t decided how to mount the Battery Monitor and Inverter Switch

Dug made chili and their friend Noah came over for dinner. She came last year for Angela’s dumplings. She has a 24′ Safari Trek

After dinner we sat around campfire

Watched YouTube videos

Monday 1-20-20 Dug & Rhoda Come and We Start Donna’s Solar Install

Overcast this morning, but warm. Overnight low was 56F. High today was 76F.Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk. We talked to the teen age boy traveling with his family and parked behind us. They have 4 children and home school on the road. They are from Texas and have been in Arizona 6 weeks.Called Tim to see how Mary’s knee surgery was going. They were 40 minutes into the operation. He texted later that it went well.Took Cathy to the Big Tent. Traffic was terribleDropped Cathy off and found a parking spot in Tyson Wells. Checked out the vendors at Tyson Wells then went to Beer Belly’sI stood for awhile and when a table opened up I took it. A man from Indiana joined me. He came up from Yuma for the day. Two guys, one from Montana and one from Kansas asked if they could join us. The one from Kansas bought us a beer. Cathy called and said she would meet me there. When she came, the guy from Kansas said he sure appreciated me buying all the beer. There were about 10 bottles on the table.We stopped at McDonald’s for 69cent cones.When we got back to the motorhome, Clyde and Nancy had left. They left a note on our step.Dug & Rhoda got to our campsite about 3:00PM.Donna got out the solar componentsWe prepped Donna’s Solar panel for mountingCleaned the roofand stuck the panel down with 3m VHB 4950 tapeWe then called it a dayDonna brought out beer from a brewery in TempeDonna made hamburgers and pasta salad, Rhoda brought cauliflower and Cathy left oversAfter dinner we had a campfire

Sunday 1-19-20 The Big Tent

Somewhat cloudy, but otherwise, just like every day in last couple weeks. It was a little windy. Low overnight was 48F and high today was 76F.

Listened to Fox News and then made the usual breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk when she got up. We didn’t run into anybody.

Moved some things out of the Equinox to free up the back seat.

Talked to Donna and we decided to go into Quartzite for the Big Tent Show at 1:00PM. Cathy wanted to skip the Big Tent today and catch up on some other things.

Donna and I left at 1:00PM. We stopped at the Transfer Station and got rid of our garbage. There was an interesting Expedition Vehicle dropping off garbage

We went on to the Big Tent and parked on the west side of Tyson Wash in the wash. It is all loose gravel and AWD was an advantage

Got to the Big Tent entrance

Started around the outside with the south side vendors

Checked out a Little House built in Glendale, AZ

It was very comfortable and surprisingly weighed only 14,000lbs

The outside rows were easy to get through

Inside the tent wasn’t even bad

Got a Flow bobblehead at the Progressive booth

We found our way back to the car and back on the street without incident.

We stopped at the Big Market to fill drinking water bottles and Donna picked up some cottage cheese. The liquor prices were reasonable, $1.00 less for 1.75 liter Canadian whiskey than Happy Harry at home

Got back to camp and sat and had a beer with Clyde, Nancy and Donna. Cathy and Joy were out for a walk. A very large tow truck drove by

It came back without a tow.

This is our camp on Plamosa Road

Clyde and Nancy to the left in a Forza, Donna in the middle in an Outlook and Cathy and me on the right in an Adventurer.

I made pork chops on the griddle and a salad and Donna made baked potatoes for dinner tonight.

Looked at YouTube videos for night entertainment

Saturday 1-18-20 RTR and Desert Bar

Got up early to another beautiful day. Sunny and warm. The low was 43F and the high 67F.

We got up early to go to the RTR Orientation at 10:00AM. It is at the La Paz County Fairgrounds. There was a good turnout and a lot of interesting dogs. Many vans and quite a few Expedition Vehicles. Also a lot of converted school buses.

After going over the next week’s agenda there were a lot of interesting questions.

The event is free, but they ask for a $5 donation for which you get a colorful sticker

After the RTR we headed for the Desert Bar NE of Parker. We turned onto Cienega Springs Road

Right away there is a sign warning that it is a primitive road. Donna was driving, so I could take pictures

When we got to the bar we found the parking lots full. We parked off the road near the entrance

It was quite a climb up to the bar. The first stop was the restrooms


and Men’s

The bar is all solar powered

We had hot dogs and beer. While waiting in line to order, Cory from Montana, who we camped next to at Lone Tree came up. He is also camped on Plamosa Road about 1/2 mile east of us. Someone with a Sand rail gave him a ride. All on trails across the desert. He said it was quite a ride.

we had a table, most didn’t

There was a band for entertainment

A lot more traffic on the way back

We stopped in Parker at Walmart, Safeway and Beall’s Outlet

We had hamburger steak, corn on the cob and salad for dinner. I made the hamburger steaks and onions on the Blackstone Griddle and Donna made mushroom sauce and corn on the cob.

Watched YouTube videos

Friday 1-17-20 Getting Started on Donna’s Solar

Another day just like the last few. Actually a little warmer this morning. Sunny most of the day, but cloudy off and on. High in the 60’s.

After breakfast I went over and started planning Donna’s Solar installation. I hadn’t had her get the battery cable as it is $6ft. Decided she needed 10′

We stopped at the Grocery – Hardware store on Main. We got everything except the breakers. Also picked up some salad dressing, spaghetti sauce and spice. Out dated, but only $1 for most items.

We went to Bad Boys Cafe for lunch

Stopped at the General Store for yougurt. The General Store was founded in 1872

Went back to motorhome. As I was walking Joy, a couple drove up in a Jeep. It was Clyde and Nancy. They had contacted me on IRV2 about Winnebago owners camping together.

Donna joined us for spaghetti and brought the salad.

Thursday 1-16-20 Jeanne Leaves and We Check Out Main Street Flea Market

Donna and Jeanne left at 9:00AM for Mesa. Jeanne had a 3:00PM Allegiant flight to Fargo. Donna was back in Quartzite by 3;30PM

After seeing Donna and Jeanne off I had the usual breakfast. Then took Joy for a walk.

I made a Salami sandwich for lunch. We then headed into town to the hardware store and Flea Market.

Stopped at a grocery and hardware store just east of the Flea Market. It is kind of the Trader Joe’s of Quartzite

The Flea Market had a lot of old stuff

I bought a nice 700 ml Corning Ware pan for $5

There were a lot of metal yard ornaments

After the Flea Market we went to Dollar General and Family Dollar. We didn’t buy anything at either

Went back to motorhome. Cathy took Joy for a long walk.

We invited Donna over for dinner. We had risotto with ham and spinach and a lettuce salad. We had chocolate wine after dinner. We watched some YouTube videos.

Weather was just like any other day in the last week. We did have some clouds come in this morning for about an hour

Wednesday 1-15-20 WRTR Blue Water Casino Beer Belly’s

Another warm sunny day in the desert.

We drove to cars up to the La Paz County Fairgrounds, site of the WRTR. Men weren’t allowed, so we drove to the Blue Water Casino

Donna and Jeanne got Players Cards and played their free $10

Jeanne won $17.44 and Donna lost everything

We left the casino and stopped at the Parker Walmart

I saw a fake Winnebago

We stopped at Daniel’s Fresh Jerky do Jeanne could get some Jerky for her son. We sampled the jerky and it was tasty

They had a lot of shit


We stopped at Running Man for fuel. The diesel lines were so long I didn’t fill

We made a brief stop at the motorhomes and went into Quartzite

Parked at Tyson Wells so Donna and Jeanne could walk through it. We planned on meeting at Beer Belly’s at 4:30 PM. I went directly to Beer Belly’s

The live entertainment was The Young Kidz Joe and Carol

Cathy, Donna and Jeanne showed up right at 4:30PM and had a beer

Donna and Jeanne tried the chair at the entrance

We went over to the Yaght Club for dinner

They lost their liquor license, so it was just water with dinner

They have a different way of designating the restrooms


After dinner we went back to Plamosa Road and started a campfire. Donna made coffee.

Our neighbors from Tennessee came over just as Jeanne and Donna were leaving. Cathy and I stayed and talked with them for awhile

So many people here now, streaming isn’t working tonight