Wednesday 5-4-22 Shopping and Pickup AJ at School

Got up at 8:00 AM local time. Kathryn made scrambled eggs and coffee.

About 10:00 AM we went grocery shopping with Kathryn at Goodwill.

I was really impressed. I’ve never seen so many toys, even in a Toy Store.

It had an extensive Household Cleang department.

The same in all the departments, Meat. Bakery, Produce, Liquor. Beer is very inexpensive. It is available in 3 liter bottles.

We had Georgian Take Out for dinner. Very delicious and inexpensive. After dinner Erik ordered beer and it was delivered by a motorscooter driver.

Erik brout out a bottle of wine made by their Nanny Lada.

After dinner Erik and I sat on the patio overlooking the city and drank beer.

Tuesday 5-3-22 We get to Tbilisi, Georgia

We landed at Tbilisi, Georgia airport at 9,:00 PM local time. The flight left Paris 1 1/2 hrs late, but the pilot made up the time.

Our son-in-law met us at Baggage Claim and took us outside where he had a driver.

A half hour later we were at Kathryn and Erik’s. Traffic was hectic.

Erik gave me an IPA and after that I will try to get some sleep.

Tuesday 5-3-22 Charles de Gaulle Airport 10:00 AM

We finally joined the never ending line

It actually leads to a Security Check Point

They took everything out of my backpack and scanned them. I seemed to be the only one they did it to.

Once we got through it opened up a whole new world of shopping to us

We finally found our Gate K32

Sat down by a Charging Station to charge my phone, but the pins on my adapter are too thin

I think I will try to find some coffee