Friday 5-25-2018 Brewer Lake and Home to Buxton

We had a clean out the refrigerator breakfast with left overs.

Said good bye to WIT Central Reps Butch and Val Peters. We really enjoyed having them

They were on their way to Iowa, a 7 hour trip.

Most everyone was gone by a little after 10:00am except Cathy and me. We left at 1:00pm. There were some people fishing on the dock. I talked to a couple with three little girl’s. They caught 3 bass and some sun fish. The little girl’s liked Joy and their father said he would hear how they want a dog all the way back to Fargo. They moved to Fargo from Albuquerque, NM 2 years ago and really like Fargo.

We got back to Buxton at 2:00pm. Parked in front of the house to unload. I will have to mow the lawn on Saturday. We have broken the high temperature record 3 days in a row with temperatures in the 90’s and 20 degrees above average.

Thursday 5-24-2018 WIT Rep Sale and Q&A – Red Baron Lunch – Maple River Distillery and Drumconrath Brewery

Day started cloudy and windy. Progressed into nice day and beautiful evening. Fargo broke a record high with 91F.

We had a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruits.

The WIT Reps Dug and Val layed out Winnebago logo clothing and merchandise for sale before breakfast. After breakfast they talked about WIT and Winnebago and answered questions and listened to suggestions for bettering WIT and Winnebago.

At 1:00pm we ate lunch at the Red Baron in Casselton. Most had pizza or subs. I had a Shiner Boch.

It is a very nice bar

Vern, Bob and I went next door to Maple River Distillery. They make whiskey, brandy, vodka and cordials from local grains and fruits. I bought their whiskey and lilac brandy.

Bob, Vern and I then went to the Drumconrath Brewery in Mapleton. We each had a beer and I bought a growler of their IPA.

The outside doesn’t look to inviting

It looks a lot different on the inside

We got back to Brewer Lake in time for the WIT Club meeting. The meeting centered mostly on membership and upcoming campouts and GNR. We also planned a thank you letter to Adventure RV in West Fargo for their generous donation of gift and discount cards. We discussed how to use the cards.

We then had a hamburger soup dinner made by Gloria. We had salads, fruits and bread with the dinner.

After dinner Myron started a campfire and we enjoyed a perfect warm bug free evening.

Wednesday 5-23-2018 Lunch at the Pantry in Page, ND

Day started with breakfast of fry bread and Spam by Goria and Bob.We went into Page for lunch, about 12 mi NW of Brewer Lake. It is a nice little town and ha 4 site campground.We ate at the Page Cafe. They had several lunch specials and pie. I had a hamburger and potato salad. There is an antique store on one side of the Page Cafe and a park on the other sideThe inside is nicely decoratedWe needed a Onion for dinner so stopped at M&M Grocery. A very nice store.Got back to the campground and prepared for dinner. I prepared the chili main course at home. There were lots of salads, fruit and hot dogs to go with it.We played Bingo after dinner and Cathy was the big winner of about $10.Myron started a campfire and several of us sat around it for awhile.

Tuesday 5-22-2018 Brewer Lake Campout

Started getting the motorhome ready yesterday. Filled the water started the water heater and refrigerator.

Finally left Buxton at 4:45pm. Drove through Mayville and south on Hwy 18 to Hwy 9 then west to turn to Eirie.

Got to Brewer Lake about 6:00pm.

We are in site 4E.

Put down the jack’s, put out the slides and plugged in the power cord. Haven’t used the satellite receiver since September and it came on without refreshing.

Donna made soup and sandwiches for everyone. Sat around and talked to 9:45pm.

Thursday 5-17-2018 Monticello to Home in Buxton

Day started at 5:00am when person in next room at Super 8 started his truck and Joy started barking.

Cathy went down for coffee while I showered. When she opened the door, Joy ran out and disappeared into the depths of the motel.

Got packed up. A little different than putting luggage on plane or bus.

Drove about 50 miles to Albany. Filled with diesel. Got a breakfast sandwich and coffee and a car wash.

Stopped in Fergus Falls at McDonald’s for lunch with my brother Pat and sister in law Linda. Had a good time catching up.

Met Bob and Gloria at Burger King in Fargo. Bob and Gloria and Cathy and I are co-hosts for WIT campout at Brewer Lake next week.

Checked the mileage and had 45.5 mpg from Albany to Fargo

Hot back home in Buxton at 5:45pm.

The end of our 3 week adventure.

Wednesday 5-16-2018 Return to the United States

As I write this we have been up for 26 1/2 hrs. Got up at 4:00am Rothenstadt time. Showered and hauled luggage downstairs. Erik had already left for work.

Made a cup of coffee. Kathryn got Alessandra situated in her car seat and we left at 5:40am for Munich airport.

It was a rainy day. Quite a bit of traffic on the Autobahn.

As we got near Munich we started to see lots of hops fields.

It grows on poles and reached about 20′ high.

Got to the airport about 7:40am. Everyone at the airport was friendly and helpful. Forgot to put the liquor from Budapest in checked and it got confiscated.

Flight was not full and we each got an aisle seat with an empty seat between us.

Food was good. Flight was 10 hrs long.

Got to Atlanta on time but customs was slow. Just got to gate in time for flight to Minneapolis.

Got to Minneapolis on time and Tony picked us up.

Joy was glad to see us.

Jimmy ordered pizza. Left Hastings about 10:00pm and drove to Monticello, where we are spending the night at Super 8.

Tuesday 5-15-2018 A Day with Alessandra

Today Kathryn had to go to a class, so we took care of Alessandra all day.

Fed her breakfast and lunch

Changed her diapers and put her down for her naps.

Kathryn got back at 5:00pm and we went and picked up a rental car in Weiden. Her car needs CV joints and they won’t be installed until the 25th of May. So better safe than sorry.

She got a brand new BMW compact 5 door with only 5km on it.

We went back home to meet Erik.

Alessandra was waiting at the door for him

We went for our last meal at Shinderhannes, the same place we ate our first night in Rothenstadt.

They have a panel truck with interesting signage

Alessandra really enjoyed throwing the menus and coasters on the floor. She shared Erik’s salad and Kathryn’s pasta.

I had fried sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad and Winkler Pils vom Fass beer

Kathy had pork and onions on a skewer

We went back to Kathryn and Erik’s to pack for an early start in the morning.

Sunday 5-13-2018 Rothenstadt Soccer Match

Warm partly cloudy day.

Erik set up a tent for shade for Alessandra.

Erik made Beef Stroganoff for lunch.

After lunch Erik and I went to watch a local soccer match.

They have a nice facility with benches along the side of the field and a shelter with toilets.

It is adjacent to Sports Zentrum where we ate on Friday. This was their B team and they lost 5 to 1 to a team from 10km away.

After the game Erik and I stopped at Rothenstadt Breweri Hosl for a beer. They have a very unique tap for beer

When we got back, Erik, Kathryn and Alessandra went next door for the little girl’s birthday party. She is 6 days younger than Alessandra.

Kathryn made a chicken casserole for dinner.

We watched Super Troopers and the some sailing YouTube videos. After everyone else went to bed, Cathy and I watched a YouTube video about a 25,000 mi round trip three English men made in 1958 to 1959. They used an old airport vehicle that they got for $160. It was all still pictures, but very well done.

Saturday 5-12-2018 Bamberg

Another beautiful day mostly sunny with a high v expected to be 80F.

At 11:00am we headed to Bamberg, about 1 1/2hrs north.

The scenery was really something. Little villages, cities, forests, lakes and agricultural land.

We saw a lot of RVs out for the weekend

Lots of solar and wind power

When we got to Bamberg we parked at the Tourist Center in an underground garage

The Tourist Center is very nice and staff is helpful.

We started on a mapped tour of the breweries. We started with number 7, Braueri-Gaststatte Klosterbrau. I had a Schwarzla. It was very smooth and drinkable.

We moved on in a beautiful city with lots of rivers and bridges.

The streets were very interesting

Next stopped for a Rauchbier, smoke beer for which Bamberg is famous.

I have gotten to really enjoy it

We ended up hitting 4 of the 9 on the Breweries Trail. In addition to the 9 breweries in town, there are over 60 in the coun.

Beer has been made in Bamberg for over 1,000 years.

We stopped at a outdoor cafe next to a canal

We saw a Gondola go by

Cathy had smoked trout

The rest of us had schnitzel, I had Forest Schnitzel with mushrooms and fried potatoes

As we walked back to the car it started to sprinkle, bur we made it before any rain.

Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra stopped for a picture by the river.

It was an enjoyable drive back and we got to the house before dark.

Friday 5-11-2018 Cloudy Day Shopping in Weiden & Dinner at Sport Zentrum

Woke up to our first cloudy day since we got to Europe.

Kathryn made waffles, so had waffles and coffee for breakfast.

Did some reading and had cold cuts, cheese and potato salad for lunch.

After Alessandra woke up we went to Weiden for shopping. I left the women at the Parking Garage and went looking for Hosl Electronics. It was in a commercial area.

It was a large place with computers, TV and cell phones, but they didn’t have the Ethernet crossover cable I was looking for.

I headed back to the Rathaus area and sat at an outdoor table at Edelweiss. I ordered a red wine.

Shortly after the women arrived. Cathy went across the street for ice cream for her and Alessandra and Kathryn had white wine.

Erik got home fairly early and we went out to eat at a sports complex to eat.

It is called Sport Zentrum.

They have tennis soccer and other sports there.

The waiter was especially friendly and very good with Alessandra.

He was from Czech Republic and they feature Czech food.

We started with beer, Kostritzer Keller

Erik and I ordered pork cutlets with mushroom sauce.

The waiter brought samples of sauerkraut soup

And Borscht

They were both great.

Erik and my order came first

Then Kathryn’s

And Cathy’s

All was very tasty.

The waiter then brought a Czech aperatif

I couldn’t understand the name, but it was very strong

We finished with Apple Strudel and coffee

After dinner, Alessandra was flirting with the soccer team

We may go watch them play on Sunday

After we got home and Alessandra was put to bed, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine