Friday 6-11-21 Early Morning Storm

First thunder at 3:50AM. Joy immediately awoke and started barking and running the length of motorhome, back and forth. Rain, then high wind. It lasted over 2 hours and Joy barked the whole time.

When it got light I looked outside. Our Canopy was upside down in the woods.

Tim helped me pull it out of woods and set up to dry and pack up.

There wasn’t much sign of rain.

Mark, Vern & Doris and Bob & Gloria had left early.

I helped Tim dump his holding tanks

Willie came down and we talked awhile.

Tim had to leave to take motorhome to Grand Forks and then get to a funeral in Fargo.

Willie & Gerry hooked up and took off

Donna was hooking up her Equinox and we talked for quite awhile. She then headed out to Fargo

I then moved the motorhome over to the dump station and dumped

Then hooked up the Equinox

Went through Erie to Cass Co 26. Headed east. The wind was strong but behind us, probably at least 30 mph.

Turned north on ND-18 and drove through Hunter. There was a lot of standing water in the fields and ditches on the way to Blanchard. Saw a round grain bin blown off it’s foundation and laying in a field.

Turned east on US-200 and again had the wind at our backs.

Turning on to I-29 was a little tricky with the construction at Alton. A truck slowed to let me merge.

Got to Buxton and filled with gas at Cenex Cardtrol


19.975 gallons

Got to the house and there were a lot branches down

Unhooked the Equinox. Drove around Buxton. Didn’t see any damage. The stove and microwave clocks showed that the power was off for 4 hours. The rain gauge showed . 65 inches of rain.

At 5:00PM Joy and I went across the street to play and have a drink. We sat on Larry’s patio. It wasn’t the same without Kitti Kat. Sniffels, their other cat came out for a few minutes. It was sunny and 80F.l

Made Mac & Cheese with Little Smokies and salad for dinner.

Thursday 6-10-21 Day at Brewer Lake

Slept in. Got up and made coffee. Took Joy for a walk.

Joined Tim & Mary under their awning. Played ball with Jersey & Joy. Mark joined us.

Bob & Gloria were out for a walk

There are 5 RVs in full hookup at $25/night.

Tim & Mary, John & Cathy, Donna. Willie & Gerry and Vern & Doris

There are 2 RVs parked in electric only

Mark and Bob & Gloria

There was someone fishing below us on the fishing pier

We just sat in the shade and talked

Ladina came to collect the payments

At 6;00PM we had dinner. Left overs from last night and brats.

After dinner Tim and I tried to add a ROKU to their outside TV. We gave up. He will be adding a new mount to pull out, tilt and swivel.

It was sunny all day. 92F and wind from south at 11 to 12 mph. Around dinner time it changed to northeast.

Wednesday 6-9-21 Campout at Brewer Lake

The day started at about 2:00AM when it thundered and Joy barked for an hour.Cathy got up at 5:30 AM. She was going to go to a dental appointment with David in Bismarck. I got up at 6:30AM. Made the bed and a cup of coffee.At 7:00AM Kim, David’s care giver, and David drove up.David was in his chair in the backI toasted a bagel and watched TV. Then finished loading the motorhome and Equinox.Larry helped me hook up the EquinoxI left Buxton at Noon. I drove down I-29 to AltonThat building is 235′ tall and I used to work on the very top.Turned west on Alternate US-200 West to BlanchardThen south on ND-18 to HunterThen west on Cass County 26 to the Eirie turn. Then through ErieSouth and across the RR tracks turn to Brewer LakeWe pulled in to the Brewer Lake CampgroundWe parked west of Donna in the full hookup sites.Tim and Mary came just as we finished parking and parked next to us.At 3:00PM Cathy called. The muffler and exhaust pipe had fallen off and was dragging. They were just west of Steele. A highway patrolman led them to a body shop in Steele where they fixed it so they could go on.We were sitting in the shade and getting caught up with the last year.

7 members came just for the day, Denis & Betty, Al & Colleen, Mark and John E.

At 6:00PM we had dinner. Pulled pork & pulled chicken sandwiches beans, potato salad, coleslaw and lots of desserts.After dinner we had the WIT meeting.I went over to Tim and Mary’s and had a drink and watched TV while Cathy went to bed.The day was in the 90’s with a stiff wind out of the south. After dark it got calm and dropped to the 70’s.

Monday 5-17-21 Bismarck, ND to Buxton, ND

Nice sunny morning in Bismarck. Overnight low 50F and 61F at 9:00AM. 82F in Buxton at 6:00PM. Windy the whole drive. Out of the south at 20 to 24 mph and frequent gusts.

Walked Joy in the Kiwanis Park Dog Walk area adjacent to Elk’s Lodge RV parking

Cathy and I met Chuck, a High School classmate, at Perkins one block east of Elks Lodge. He drove up on Tricycle he made

We enjoyed coffee and pie while learning of his law enforcement career and travels.

Got everything put away snd got motorhome ready to go.

Left Bismarck at noon. Headed east on I-94. Stopped to walk Joy at Rest Area just before Jamestown.

There was an Electronic Sign saying Free Covid-19 Shots at Rest Area just before Tower City.

Stopped at Fleet Farm in Fargo for gas

Went in and bought some snacks and got 4 cent off coupon

Payed $2.719 gal with coupon.

Made 8.5 mpg between Richardton and Fargo.

Drove north on I-29 to home in Buxton. Got home at 6:00PM.

Joy and I went over to Larry and Princess’s for Happy Hour.

Everything seems fine at home. Will have to mow the lawn soon.

Sunday 5-16-21 Spearfish, SD to Bismarck, ND

Mostly sunny today. Overnight low 49F. 60F by time I walked Joy.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy.

Toasted a bagel and watched Fox News.

Filled Fresh Water Tank, dumped Black & Grey Tanks

Talked to our neighbor in Travel Trailer

They are going from SD to Colorado then NM. They are from Bend, Oregon

Headed out at 11:20AM.

Went north on US-85.

Saw white patches in the fields. Thought it was alkali. Turns out it was snow from yesterday. Saw last of it just west of New Salem

Passed through Buffalo SD, Bowman & Amidon, ND. Stopped at Cenex in Belfield for gas. Pumps were busy and people weren’t leaving. Left and decided to stop at Cenex in Richardton

Pulled right in

Gas was $2.799

There was a Dollar General next door and an ambulance picked someone up from the store.

Cathy walked Joy

I checked the Equinox and the battery was dead.

Drove to Elks Lodge in Bismarck where we are spending the night.

Put Booster on battery in Equinox

Started the generator and put the charger on the Equinox battery

My sister Judy and husband Cary came and we sat outside in the 80F evening

Went a block down the street and picked up dinner

Watched YouTube videos

Saturday 5-15-21 Rock Springs, WY to Spearfish, SD

Overcast most of the day. 10 minutes of rain at 2:10AM. Down to 44F overnight. In the 50’s most of the day. Light rain 30 mi south of Gillette, WY and last 15 miles before Spearfish.

Cathy couldn’t get to sleep, she couldn’t breathe while laying down.Rock Springs is 6,388′ above sea level. We checked oxygen with an oximeter. Cathy was 90% and I was 88%.

Got on the road at 7:45AM.

Headed down I-80 to Rawlins.

Stopped at Flying J for gas

It was $3.039 gal

Mileage was 7.5 mpg.

Headed to Casper. Beautiful drive on US-287 and WY-220.

Stopped at Independence Rock Rest Area

This is the only stop I made when going from Escondido to Bismarck when I lived in CA.

Stopped at Flying J in Gillette

Gas was $2.769 gal. Mileage was again 7.5 mpg.

Drove east on I-90 to Spearfish, SD. Took Exit 14 to Chris’ Camp campground.

Got pull through site T

Hooked up electricity and put out the slides.

We are right next to shower building and pools

There is a nice Dog Park

Cathy heated up some chili and we had that with coleslaw for dinner

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos

Friday 5-14-21 Elko, NV to Rock Springs, WY

Beautiful morning. Sunny and no wind. Overnight low in Elko was 44F. It was 68F when we got to Rock Springs.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy and looked over the other RVs in the lot

Went in and bought discounted breakfast bread.

There was loud music all night. It was the workers working on the front of the store.

Got everything ready and on the road by 8:30AM.

Pretty drive. A lot of RVs and small houses scattered about. A lot of trees.

Crossed into Utah snd stopped at Salt Flats Rest Area

There was an Observation Platform

I climbed to the top. There were vehicles on the salt flats

Met the person parked next to us, Erik he was heading to southern MN to pick up his parents and take them to Sacramento. He was also in traffic jam yesterday.

Our refrigerator quit running on propane yesterday. Took a look at it

The tough roads loosened crud in the flue and covered the pilot light

My tool chest had slid open to the right tools

Stopped just outside Salt Lake City at Flying J and filled

Mileage was 9.5 for last 448 mi

Kept on I-80. Very long steep grade leaving Salt Lake City. Down to 10 mph.

Got to Rock Springs, WY at 7:00PM. Parked for the night behind Walmart

This is another Walmart with a view

Shopped without a mask for dinner. We had Frittatas

Thursday 5-13-21 Roclin, CA to Elko, NV

Got up early to make the 7:00AM opening of Cracker Barrel.

Walked Joy.

Went into Cracker Barrel. We both had nice breakfasts. Mine

and Cathy

Headed out for gas in the motorhome. No truck stops and most stations had limited access. Finally found one


only put in $95 worth.

Headed east on I-80. Beautiful country

Stopped at Donner SummitRest Area

Cathy walked Joy

There was a lake

and beautiful forest and mountains

We met a family from Sacramento that was going to Iowa to put the ashes of 2 relatives in the Mississippi River. They were traveling in 2 Class C motorhomes.

On the east side of Truckee, the west boundtraffic was backed up for miles. I was glad I was east bound.

But about 3 miles east of Sparks we hit stalled traffic

We spent 2 hours going 3 miles.

A truck opened his window and Cathy did the same. He said a semi had rolled. They had to empty it before removing it.

Finally got up to it

Went on and stopped at Fernley Flying J

Gas is a lot cheaper

Drove on through lots of construction one lane driving.

Not forested, but still beautiful


Up and down several steep grades and topping 6,000′ twice.

Got to Elko Walmart where we are spending the night at 7:05PM.

425 miles

Turned on TV and watched Rebel from home.

This Walmart has a view

Cathy watched Rebel again on local OTA TV while I went in to buy dinner.

It might be the largest Walmart I’ve ever been in. It is being remodeled.

I got frozen Lasagna for dinner. Cathy microwaved the dinners.

I also got healthy snacks for driving. Celery, carrots, cheese sticks and beef sticks.

Wednesday 5-12-22 Back on the Road – All the Way to Rocklin, CA

Overcast all day. Overnight low in Salinas 48F and high 64F. 81F at 11:00PM in Rocklin.

Made coffee.

Took Joy for a walk.

There was an accident 1 block west. One car broke off a fire hydrant

and crashed into corner of Transmission Repair Shop

On the way to accident scene I saw where someone abandoned a pair of snow skis on the sidewalk

Juan drove our motorhome into the shop

Day started out promising. Andy and John working on caliper.

Otis and Andy checked the runout on Rotor. It was border line at .008″, preferable is .010″. Runout pushes the piston back after braking.

Andy was going to bleed it and noticed it was another driver’s side caliper. Otis called and ordered a replacement. It would be there right after lunch.

An interesting person named Bob brought in a 2000 Gulfstream Patriot Class C for some work. He has had it 4 years and put on 80,000 miles with several cross country trips to see his daughters. Otis used to sell Gulfstream

The caliper came late afternoon. Andy quickly put it on and tested it

Passed and Juan drove it out and parked so I could hookup the Equinox.

Got it all hooked up

We went in and payed the bill, $1,659..

I took a picture of Andy

He did a good job and had a good sense of humor.

We left Salinas at 5:25PM and stopped at Cracker Barrel in Rocklin, CA on I-80 for the night at 10:00PM

A 206 mile day

Tuesday 5-11-21 We are still at Gleason’s Salinas RV

Another typical day in Salinas. Overnight low 48F and high 68F. Sunny and breezy.

Got up early and moved the Equinox.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy.

Otis came and said the parts had come early

Otis drove our motorhome into the shop. Juan was his brakes, putting a block behind the wheels to stop

Andy quickly tore into the job

He put the new pads in the calipers then. He pulled the drivers side hub and axle and split out the rotor. Then put in the new rotor and installed it back in the motorhome.

While Andy was mounting the wheels, Otis told me about restoring old RVs and entering them in contests, there is a 1st place winner in the shop

It’s name is Plumm Krazy

There were only 300 made. It is completely up to date including a wine cooler

Otis took the motorhome for a test drive. When he came back he said he thought a brake was dragging.

They raised the rear wheels off the ground and ran it in Drive. The drivers side was fine, but passenger side got hot. It was too late to get a new caliper. Will swap it out in the morning.

Otis parked the motorhome along the shop again.

We watched Big Sky from home on Sling TV at 7:00PM Salinas time.

After Big Sky went to Walmart for a few things.

Got Bird’s Eye Frozen Chicken Stir Fry for dinner.

Heated dinner in microwave and watched TV.