Almost Ready to go

It took us a little longer than we planned to get the garage cleaned up, but it looks like we will leave Friday the 16th of January.

Slight set back this afternoon. Our handicapped son had to go to the emergency room. Tests and every thing look fine.  He has 99.8 degree temperature. He is very sad to see us leave.

We finally have a working furnace in the new house. Now that the furnace is in they will start to do the taping. While the weather is nice they will try to get the siding done.

I was able to dump the holding tank, but still have to fill the water tomorrow. A few things to put in the Cherokee and motor home. Also some things to take out of the motor home that we’ve used while living in it.

House 1-15-15          House 1-15-15

We will be stopping in Bismarck to see my oldest friend Gary Arman. We’ve known each other since 1st grade, finished high school together and went to Europe for a year together. We will then head west on I-94 to Belfield and then south on US-85 to Spearfish, then west to Gillette, WY then to Casper, WY, then to Provo, UT, then to Las Vegas, then to Quartzsite, AZ. Hope to get there on Monday.

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