Friday January 23, 2015 Rice Ranch and Pow Wow

It got down to 37F over night and up to 65F this afternoon. It was overcast most of the day, but cleared up about 4:00PM. After that it was a beautiful evening.

Had kind of a lazy morning. Left for Quartzsite at 2:00PM. Cathy went to the Pow Wow to check out rocks and minerals and I went to Rice Ranch.

Rice Rance is a vendor area on the east side of AZ-95 and south of I-10. There are 32 vendors.  Rice Ranch Merchants. There is also a 40 acre RV park open all year.

Rice Ranch

It even has a Barber Shop

Rice Ranch Barber Shop

After checking out Rice Ranch I went over to the Pow Wow.

Pow Wow

Cathy called and said we should get something to eat. We went to the QIA snack bar and got the vendor box lunch. The box lunch was a good deal, sandwich, potato chips, drink and two cookies. Cost was $5.00. The cookies were really good.

Box Lunch

On the way back to the motor home we stopped at Dollar General for some root beer. There was quite a line at the check out.

We stopped at Dorothy and Toto’s for kettle corn.

When we got back to the motor home we sat outside with Joy and ate kettle corn. Neighbor to the north came over and visited. He was from Washington state and had been in the area since early December. Cathy took Joy for a walk to the neighbors east of us. They had a German Shepherd who tried to kill Joy and jerked her master out of his chair. They were from Mesquite, NV.

Heated up left overs for dinner. I also set up for satellite TV. First time since Casper we have watched TV.


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