Friday January 30, 2015 Two Solar Panels and an Inverter

Over night low was 54F and the high for the day was 70F. It was overcast all day, rained in the morning and sprinkled off and on all day.

After the weather settled down, I went over to Bob and Jane’s. They brought two 100 watt solar panels and a 2000 watt inverter to install. We put the Z brackets on the panels and lifted them up to the roof. Bob was on the roof, I was on the ladder and Alan and Jane were on the ground.

Bob laid them out behind the existing panels and marked the location with a marker pen. He then drilled a 1/8″ hole through the hole in the Z bracket and cleaned the area under the bracket. We then put butyl tape on each bracket and screwed them down to the roof. We then plugged in the MC4 branch connectors, one set on one of the new panels and one set on the last panel installed. We then realized we needed 8′ extension cables. We went to the “Preacher’s” solar store at the Christian Center to get the cables. He doesn’t use them, he just cuts the MC4 connectors off. We then decided to go into Yuma to Starlight Solar.

Starlight Solar didn’t have any made up, but we were able to get the 10 gauge UV resistant cable from them. We got duplex cable which worked out nicely. Windy Nation had sent along a set of connectors with each panel, so I put the ends on and we connected the panels. Doubled the current, which still wasn’t much because of the clouds.

Bob Cleaning for Solar Panels             Bob Mounting Panels

We then decided to mount the inverter. We found a nice location along the side of the battery box. We only needed 30″ of cable to connect to the batteries. Bob had bought 4′ of 2/0 cable at Lowes, but it was too stiff to allow the batteries to slide out. We went back to “Preacher’s” Solar. He did have 2/0 battery cable, but only in red and a whopping $8.50/ft. So we cut the cable and Bob forked over the $42.50. Bob had some 2/0 cable connectors, so I put a cable gland and crimped  two connectors on each 30″ length of cable. No one had a hole saw. We used a step drill and finally got the hole large enough to mount the cable glands.

Alan brought us a couple of beers.

Bobs Inverter  Inverter Mounted on Battery Box

Finally rounded up the appropriate adapters and turned on the inverter. Every thing  worked. Started sprinkling just as we finished.

Jim and Lucy took Bob and Doris in to the Arizona Market Place flea market and Alan followed in his car.  Alan stopped at Imperial Gardens Date farm on the way back and had a date shake.

Cathy made a delicious stir fry with vegetables and sausage for dinner.

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