January 17, 2015 Bismarck, ND to Gillette, WY

Warm in Bismarck this morning, 38F. My friend Gary and his wife Inez picked us up at 9:30AM and took us to breakfast at Perkins. Talked mostly about our various health issues.

Gary and Inez       Gary and Inez

I finally got hold of my sister Judy, her phone was on silent. We went up to see her and Cary and their new addition Meme. Joy played with another of Judy’s Dachshunds, Money and Meme, but didn’t have  time to really get into playing.

Meme                    Meme

We left Judy’s at 12:30PM and headed west against WNW winds of 35 to 45 mph, gusting to over 50 mph. We stopped at the Freeway 147 Travel Center just west of Mandan. They have a Flying J sign, but it only pertains to the diesel truck side. I didn’t get a gas discount, but he gave me a free cup of coffee. Payed $1.99/gal.

On the way west to US-85 we passed the Enchanted Highway “Flight of Birds” sculpture. It is the largest free standing metal sculpture in the world.

Flight of Birds        Flight of Birds Sculpture

We turned on to US-85 at Belfield. We caught the Slope County  Deputy sleeping in his car.

Slope County Sheriff's Car in Amidon Slope County Sheriff’s Car in Amidon

We stayed on US-85 until Spearfish and then headed west into Wyoming past Sundance to Gillette, WY. We got to the Walmart in Gillette at 7:40PM Mountain Time. There was already another North Dakota motor home parked there. We parked and noticed a Dicky’s BBQ right beside us. Walked over and got two Saturday Specials, beef brisket with two sides and drink for $8.99 each. We will each get another meal out of it.

Gillette Walmart           Parked at Gillette Walmart

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