Monday January 26, 2015 Rain and Dug Comes from Fountain of Youth

Woke up to rain. The over night low was 48F and the high for the day was 66F. It rained off and on all day and is continuing in to the night. Total rain so far .06″.

Dug got in to Quartzsite from Fountain of Youth, about 2 1/2 hrs away in California, about 11:00AM.

As we were getting ready to leave to meet Dug, Joy escaped out the door. She ran for Alan’s motor home, but he shut the door just as she got there. She then took off running to the wash behind the motor homes at full speed. Cathy came with some treats and was able to get her.

We got together at the Bad Boys Cafe in Rice Ranch. Dug had a garbage omelet, Cathy had a chicken breast sandwich, Alan had a beef sandwich and I had biscuits and gravy. It was all very good. I highly recommend it. It is open from 6:00AM to 2:00PM. Dug and I got caught up to date a little and planned to get together, we will probably go to Fountain of Youth.

Bad Boys Cafe                   Bad Boys Cafe

Cathy and I drove over to Bealls Outlet.

Bealls Outlet                   Bealls Outlet

While Cathy shopped at Bealls Outlet, I went over to Discount Solar.

Discount Solar

Didn’t find any thing new there. Cathy picked up some clothes for David and got the Monday, Bealls Outlet 15% senior discount. She also found out the will be closing in April when their contract is up. The current contract was for $151,000/yr and they want $300,000 to renew the contract. This is sad news. When I got back from Discount Solar, I went over to the Quartzsite Bakery and bought some things for breakfast.

Quartzsite Bakery

I dropped Cathy off at Gem World

Gem World

and went to RV Lifestyles RV west of town to pick up some toilet paper. When I came back to Gem World I parked at the store to the west. There was an old pickup there with North Dakota Pioneer license plates.

ND Plate

ND Pickup

The man who owned it came out and I talked to him for quite awhile. He is from Bottineau, ND. He bought a lot with a Casita and cool shade in Rainbow Acres last year.

When Cathy finished shopping at Gem World we went to Herb’s Hardware so Cathy could buy some picture hanging hooks.

We had left over pizza for dinner.

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