Saturday January 24, 2015 Alan Arrives

The over night low was 42F and the high this afternoon was 72F. It was sunny all day. Windy until near sunset.

Alan, a friend I met on an Internet RV Forum called and said he was leaving Parker, AZ. I told him to call when he got to the camp host on Plamosa Road. About 10:30AM he called from the camp host site. I drove over to meet him. On the way the Cherokee stopped charging again. When I got to the camp host site, I rode into Quartzsite with Alan so that he could fill with water. We went back to the camp host site and I picked up the Cherokee. On the way back to the motor home, the Cherokee was charging again, but quit before I got to the motor home.

After eating lunch, Cathy and I rode in to Quartzsite with Alan. Cathy shopped at Tyson Wells and Alan and I went to the Big Tent. After the Big Tent, Alan and I stopped for a beer at Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care. Smokin Joe Lonsdale, who I’ve seen at the Quartzsite Yacht Club was the entertainment.

Smokin Joe Lonsdale                 Smokin Joe Lonsdale

We drove back to the motor homes and sat outside in the nice 70F weather.

RV Travel posted a video taken from a drone flying over the Big Tent and BLM land near by.

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  1. Getting to quartzsite will be on my bucket list until I get there. Because I want to be there when the site is full with RVs. We came by it early one year and was disappointed cause it did not look anything like what I first saw it in the National Geographic Magazine many years ago.

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