Sunday January 18, 2015 A Terrible Day

We started out early. Went to Flying J and filled with gas $1.82. As we were leaving the car beside us signaled to open our window. I did and he said the Jeep was making funny noises. I listened through the window and it was. Pulled over and moved the transfer case lever out of Neutral and back. Seemed to quit. Put it in 4 WD and it seemed to work.

Drove on to Casper, WY via Midwest, WY. It was windy, but a good road.

Highway North of Casper           Highway North of Casper

Got to Casper and the wind was gusting to 65 mph. Road sign warned of danger of roll over on WY-220 to Rawlins. Decided to park at Walmart and wait it out. Got the Packers Seahawk Game on TV, started the generator and watched the game. A gust broke the stop on the large slide topper. Watched the game and at 5:10PM decided to drive to Rawlins on WY-220. Wasn’t too bad, steady 20 to 30 mph wind, gusting to 40,  2 lane mountain road with lots of curves, ascending to 7,500 ft and dark. Got to Rawlins and started for Rock Springs. Almost got blown off the road. Stopped at Flying J and filled with gas $1.92. No parking places left, so went to Walmart in Rawlins. Very small Walmart with a small parking lot. there were two motor homes parked in the lot. A Class C and a new Class A. The slide topper on the Class A was ripped off.

Class A with Ripped Slide Topper   Class A with Ripped Slide Topper

Parked at Rawlins Walmart      Parked at Rawlins, WY Walmart

Went to start the generator to use microwave. It wouldn’t start, ran fine in Casper. Cathy made a salad for my dinner and isn’t having any thing herself. Can’t put out bedroom slide because of wind. Wind is forecast to be just as bad tomorrow.

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