Sunday January 25, 2015 High Spots of Quartzsite

The over night low was 48F and it got up to 73F this afternoon. It was partly cloudy all day.

Watched Fox news this morning. At noon Alan and I set off to  see the high spots of Quartzsite. Cathy stayed at the motor home with Joy.

The first stop was at Holiday Palms RV Park to see the sister of Alan’s former neighbor in Seattle. We had a nice visit. They have been coming to Quartzsite for a long time and bought a park model last year. They had a 14 year old Pug named Bosley.

We then drove by the Pow Wow at the QIA and then to Readers Oasis Bookstore.

Readers Oasis

We both had our picture taken with Paul Winer the owner.

Paul and Alan    Paul & Alan

Paul and Me       Paul & Me

Paul came to Quartzsite for his daughter Celia’s health. She however died at age 8. His first store was on the west end of the Main Street and in a tent.

We then went over to Celia’s Rainbow Garden, a memorial to Paul’s daughter Celia.

Celias Rainbow Garden          Celia’s Rainbow Garden

From Celia’s Rainbow Garden we went out to La Posa South. La Posa South is one of the four BLM LVTAs and the one with water and dump stations.

We then headed to Hi Jolly’s Tomb.

Hi Jolly               Hi Jolly’s Tomb

We then went back to the motor homes to pick up Cathy and go to dinner at Silly Al’s. Alan and i had Lasagna and Cathy had Al’s Salad. Alan bought us dinner. After dinner we went back to the motor homes. On the way we stopped to see Jerry and Diane. They showed us the remodeling that they had done on their Vectra. It was really nice. They changed out the original table for a credenza and table with Corian exactly matching the existing counter tops. They also  covered the steps with Corian. Got to the motor homes and sat outside and talked for awhile. Then went in and watched Storage Wars on TV.


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