Thursday January 22, 2015 Quartzsite RV Show

It got down to 39F over night and was up to 64F this afternoon. Nice and sunny and not too windy. We spent some time on the Internet this morning and were getting ready to go to Quartzsite when Patrick and Janet, the WIT Central Reps came to the door. They are camped with some friends about a mile away. They invited us to a chili dinner tonight.

I made a short video walking around our camping spot.

We went into Quartzsite and went to La Mesa RV, hoping for a free lunch. They discontinued it this year. They do however, still have free breakfast. Checked out the surplus parts at La Mesa RV, but didn’t find any thing this year.

We headed over to the Big Tent for the RV Show. We walked around the perimeter and then stopped for hot dogs. I finished the whole show in about 30 minutes, but Cathy was just getting started.

Entrance to Quartzsite RV Show

I left her and went to Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care. The beer is inexpensive, $3.00 for a large glass of draft beer.

Beer Belly's

The entertainment was good.

Beer Belly's Entertainment

I left Beer Belly’s and checked out some of the vendors at Tyson’s Wells. Got an email from Jerry. He and Diane are camped at last years WIT spot. Cathy met up with me and we headed home.

Got to the motor home and picked up Joy and went to have dinner with Patrick and Janet. They are here with 4 other couples from Oklahoma. They are killing time waiting to go on the Winnebago Adventures trip to Puerto Penabsco, Mexico. We had great chili and enjoyed sitting around the camp fire. Joy enjoyed herself and was well behaved.

Had to find our way home across un marked desert, but made it back to the motor home. Surprisingly, the hardest part was when we got near the motor home.

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