Thursday January 29, 2015 Back at Imperial Dam LTVA

The low over night was 56F and the high this afternoon was 72F. It was overcast all day.

Gloria and Scott stopped by this morning to say hello. We talked to them for quite awhile. Scott looked at the Jeep charging problem and thinks there may be a fusible link causing the problem.

I took Alan on a tour of the Imperial Dam LTVA and Squaw Lake.

Squaw Lake                     Squaw Lake

Took him by the Liberry.

Liberry       The Imperial Dam “Liberry”

After we got back we had lunch and then Alan drove into Yuma so we could show him how to get along. First stop was Verizonwireless at Yuma Palms. Alan ordered a prepaid Verizonwireless Hot Spot. It will be in on Tuesday.

We then drove to the 99 Cent Only Store on 16th Street and 4th Ave. From there we drove down 4th Ave. to 32nd Street and then out towards the Foothills. We stopped at all the RV stores on 32nd Street looking for a couple of sewer parts, nobody had the 45 degree clear elbow that swivels or the new Revolution Sewer Connection Elbow.

We stopped at the Foothills Walmart and got a few things. We then stopped at OK Tire so Alan could get a price for tires on his Grand Cherokee. so far Walmart looks like the best buy by far.

We then drove US-95 back to Imperial Dam. They were still meeting at Bob and Doris’ for happy Hour. Alan and I joined them. We had a guest that reminded me a lot of my friends at happy Hour back in Buxton.

Burro Looking Me in the Eye Happy Hour Guest Looking Me in the Eye

Burro Wants My Beer  Happy Hour Guest Wants My Beer

At happy Hour we decided to have a campfire. It was a perfect night for a campfire. We sat around the campfire for more than two hours.

Campfire                       Campfire