We Finally Got on the Road

At 5:30PM we finally got going. We had a strong east wind and slightly slippery road on I-29. When we got to I-94, the wind shifter to the south and the road continued slippery.

Hooked Up and Ready to Go  Hooked Up & Ready to Go

A couple of miles east of Sterling, the towed vehicle lights on the Jeep started flashing. Stopped at Sterling and found theat the cable had dropped down to the highway. Spliced it and got on our way.

We finally got to the Bismarck Rock Island Place Walmart at 10:45PM. Cathy made us salads. After eating I went into Walmart to get a few things. One of the things we needed was small paper bowls. They didn’t have any and looked like they never do.  Finally getting ready for bed at 12:40AM.

Rock Island Pl Walmart Bismarck   Parked at Rock Island Pl. Walmart

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