Wednesday January 21, 2015 Quartzsite at Last

I got up early and started preparing to go to Quartzsite. Dumped and cleaned the holding tanks, filled the water tank, filled the drinking water bottles, filled extra containers to flush toilet. Emptied all the garbage. Cathy and I both went to take showers at 11:00AM. About 11:45AM someone came by to ask us to leave as soon as possible, as someone wanted the spot. Unhooked the cable TV and power. Cathy pulled in the bedroom slide and I pulled in the living room slide and raised the jacks. We pulled out exactly at checkout time 12:00 Noon. There were two motor homes parked in the entrance/exit. Just to make it more challenging, the wife of the inner most motor home pulled their Jeep along side the motor home, further narrowing the exit.

Pulled out and headed for Parker. Took awhile to drive through Lake Havasu City, but were finally on our way. It was very windy out of the northwest. It seemed to be amplified by the many canyons we traversed.

When we got to Parker, we stopped at the Walmart. To my surprise, I found they had actually designated pull through RV parking in the lot. The store was very busy. On the way out we commented to the checker on how busy the store was and that it must do a large business even though it is a relatively small store. She said that she thinks they wished they had built it bigger. She said it is on tribal land and that the tribe spends about $250,000 in the store at Christmas.

Parker Walmart                  Parker Walmart

Parker Walmart RV Parking     Parker Walmart RV Parking

We got to Plamosa Road at 2:00PM. Pulled in to register, but they were closed. Passed the usual turn off and went to one with a flatter road so we wouldn’t bottom out with the Jeep.

Signs on Plamosa Road at Turn to Our Campsite    Signs at Turn Off to Our Campsite

Found a nice level spot with a fire ring and set up camp. After getting every thing ready, I finally tried the Jeep. Unhooked it, started it up and drove around seems to be fine.

Plamosa Road Campsite         Plamosa Road Campsite