Friday February 27, 2015 Moved from Dry Camping to Lot 23

Nice morning again. Cool, over night low was 54F and the high this afternoon was 74F. It was clear and sunny in the morning, but started clouding up in late afternoon. It was windy at 15 mph, gusting to 20 mph.

Cathy went over to the office to see if a full hookup site was available. We got lot 23, which is Jack and Millie’s lot. Jack and Millie are friends that camp at Imperial Dam. It is near the Club House and the entrance.

Lot 23           Rover’s Roost Lot 23

There is a nice place to sit behind the motor home.

Place to Sit                  Nice Place to Sit

Right after lunch we moved to the full hookup lot. It took a while to get the satellite working. I had to put the dome on top of the power pedestal. As it was windy I had to tie it to the power pedestal.

Satellite dome    Satellite Dome on Power Pedestal

Cathy started washing clothes at about 3:00PM. She had 5 washer loads and there are still a couple more left to do. Our neighbor to the west in the Airstream was also washing clothes. His name is Bob and he is from NE Ontario. Joy was doing a lot of barking. I would go over to the laundry to carry things back. On one trip back to the motor home we had a note on the door saying that Joy’s barking was unacceptable. It wasn’t signed, so don’t know who did it. Bob said he doesn’t ming, that’s what dogs do.

It was after 7:00PM when Cathy finished with the clothes so we went out to pick up something to eat. I stopped at C-A-L Ranch Supply. It was a lot like Mill’s Fleet Farm, but a lot more expensive. I picked up a faucet adapter to allow two hoses to be hooked up and some Science Diet food for Joy.

We stopped at Food City to get some apple fritters, but they were all gone. They had some nice peppers and avocados 3 for 99 cents. Picked up some mayonnaise, root beer and shampoo.

We stopped at Jack in the Box and picked up sandwiches. We got back in time to watch Blue Bloods.

Thursday February 26, 2015 Shopping in Casa Grande

A really beautiful day here. Cool this morning, over night low was 45F. The high this afternoon was 76F. It was sunny and clear with some very high clouds.

Walked Joy in the morning. Did some maid duties in the motor home.

At 1:30PM we walked over to see Bob and Helen. Joy loves to see them. When they came yesterday, she even squealed. We gave Bob and Helen the latest Lady Justice Series book, Lady Justice on the Dark Side. In this book, Walt turns in his badge and becomes a P.I.

We took Joy back to the motor home and headed out to Sam’s Club. Bob and Helen left for there at the same time. We stopped at Walmart. I wanted to pick up a couple of short sleeved sweat shirts. I asked the clerk and she gave me a strange look. Turns out they don’t have any sweat shirts. Cathy misses coffee, so I have been looking for McCafe Decaf. This was the first Walmart I have found it in for some time. We then stopped at the 99 Cent Only store for candy. They didn’t have what we were looking for. It is a nice store though, with a very nice produce section. I then stopped at Harbor Freight. This may be the nicest harbor Freight I’ve been in. Nice wide aisles and nicely laid out. They had the proximity sensor light I’ve been looking for. Bought one in Yuma two years ago and have been looking for another since then.

When we got back, Jerry, Diane and Simon were parked next to us. They are on their way to Tucson. While I was showing Jerry around, Terry called about the house. They are down to finishing touches. He had a quote for putting in the floor. He is ready to texture and paint. He is going to call the plumber to turn the water on.

Cathy heated up the left over stir fry and made rice and salads for dinner. I made some of the McCafe Decaf for Cathy, but put one too many scoops in the coffee maker. She said it was good watered down.

Spent the evening watching TV.

Wednesday February 25, 2015 We Move to Rovers Roost in Casa Grande

It got cool over night. I even turned the heat on for Joy after she got out of bed. The over night low was 44F. It was clear and sunny today. The high in Casa Grande was 67F. It was breezy all day.

We got things stashed in the motor home and Jeep and were ready to leave at 11:30AM. We said good bye to Dennis, Bob and Jane, Bob and Doris and Bill and Lana. Bob and Helen left this morning at 8:00AM, also going to Rovers Roost where they own a lot.

Saying Good Bye            Saying Good Bye

We then went up to South Mesa and dumped the tanks.

We headed out past YPG to US-95 and then took the Dome Valley turn off. We got on I-8 at Ligurta. We stopped at one rest area to walk Joy and stretch.

I-8 Rest Area                           I-8 Rest Area

We got to Rovers Roost at 3:30PM.They sold the last full hook up site at 11:30AM. There were only 3 dry camping sites left. We are 5th on the list for a full hook up site. People are here because of the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix and the Escapade coming up in Tucson.

Shortly after we got set up, Bob and Helen stopped by to say hello.

Then Jim and Betty, friends of ours from Grand Forks invited us out to dinner at Chili’s. We got to Chili’s shortly after 5:30PM. The place was packed and there was a long line. Because Jim and Betty had gotten there earlier, we got in pretty fast. Cathy had a chicken and avocado sandwich and I had a grilled sirloin with avocado.

Stopped by OfficeMax and Dollar Tree on the way back to Rovers Roost. Got ink cartridges at OfficeMax and laundry detergent at Dollar Tree.

Tuesday February 24, 2015 Last Trip to Bard Post Office

It was real windy this morning, but sunny. Over night low was 46F and the high today was 71F. Wind gusting to 25 mph most of the day.

Watched some TV in the morning. Left at 2:00PM for the last trip to the Bard post office.

Bard Post Office                     Bard Office

Went from there to Sam’s Club for gas. It was $2.22/gal today. Most stations in Yuma are $2.39/gal.

Stopped at the Pacific Walmart for a 24 pack of drinking water and some pastries for breakfast. Stopped at the 99 Cent Only store for envelopes and toffee chocolate bars. They had neither. Stopped at the Chevron station on Fortuna Road to fill up the Jeep’s passenger side rear tire, it has a slow leak.

When we got back to Ocotillo Flat I went over to Bob and Helen’s. Uncle Bob was there also. Bob sold his solar panels to Dennis. When the sun went down he disconnected the wire and Dennis took them to his condo.

Cathy made stir fry from the steak I had left over. it might even have been better in the stir fry.

We will be heading to Rover’s Roost Escapees park in Casa Grande tomorrow. Bob and Helen own a lot there and will be leaving before us for Casa Grande. Bill and Lana also own a lot there.

Finished off the night watching NCIS, NCIS New Orleans and Person of Interest.

Monday February 23, 2015 Los Algodones & Texas Roadhouse

Another nice morning. A little rain over night. Over night low was 50F and the high was 76F. It was sunny and partly cloudy. It was breezy with wind gusting to 15 mph.

I took Joy for her morning walk and stopped at Bob and Janes  for awhile.

At 11:00AM we went to Los Algodones to pick up vanilla and inhalers. The large parking lot was at least half full. They raised the price from $5.00 to $6.00.

Los Algodones Street Main Shopping Street in Los Algodones

We only went to the Yellow Pharmacy, the small Purple Liquor store and a shirt and jacket vendor. The price on my albuterol inhalers is actually down. I paid $4.50 for 3 inhalers. Last year 3 inhalers were $5.99. I bought a bottle of Don Pedro Reserva Especial Mexican Brandy. 1 liter was $12.50. Joy ate part of Cathy’s Algodones jacket, so she bought a new one. Payed $21.00.

It took us an hour to get through the line at customs. Cathy bought a little blue turtle from one of the girls for $2.00 and a bottle of water for $1.00 while waiting in line.

Line Waiting to Cross Border to US        Line Waiting to go to US

We stopped at the post office in Bard. I filled out a mail forwarding form and picked up some supplies. We got back to Ocotillo flat at 3:00PM. I walked Joy, Cathy called Texas Roadhouse for Call Ahead Seating and we took off to Texas Roadhouse for the 4:00PM get together. Bob and Jane left at the same time and got to the Texas Roadhouse at the same time. We went on US-95 and Bob and Jane went on S24. We both got to Texas Roadhouse at the same time.

We got a Blooming Onion for an appetizer and ordered steak and prime rib. It was all very good and will provide some good stir fry.

When we got back I went down and spent some time with Bob and Jane.


Sunday February 22, 2015 Daytona 500 and Academy Awards

Bright and sunny this morning. Over night low was 54F and the high today was 73F. It was sunny most of the day, but clouded up later in the afternoon and got quite windy.

Got up and heated the coffee and headed out. Cathy stayed at the motor home with Joy. Stopped and picked up the mail in Bard. Stopped at O’Reilly’s on 4th and returned the alternator for the core charge.

Then went to the Arizona Marketplace. Alan told me where he got the great T-shirt. They only had 4 left, 3 small and 1 XXXL. Did get some jalapeno jam, a remote holder and sheet for grilling.

Then went to Walmart. By this time the Daytona 500 was starting, so listened to the first few laps on XM Radio before going in.

Went back to Ocotillo Flat and watched the rest of the race. Joey Logano ended up winning. Danica came in 21st. Tony Stewart crashed early on. Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson led most of the race. Neither Busch brother was in the race, Curt was suspended yesterday and Kyle hurt his leg in the Xfinity race yesterday.

After the race we went and visited with Gloria and Scott up on Hurricane Ridge. We took the Senator Wash Road back to Ocotillo Flat.

We had lasagna and salds for dinner. We then watched the Academy Awards.

Saturday February 21, 2015 Arizona Marketplace

Today started out sunny. The over night low was 56F and the high this afternoon was 86F. It was partly cloudy and breezy today.

Watched the Fox New financial programs. Walked down to Bob and Jane’s with Joy, she pulled me the whole way. She likes to go visiting in the morning.

About 11:00AM we headed in to Yuma. We went in on US-95 to I-8 and then got off at Araby Road. We spent a couple of hours at Arizona Marketplace.

Arizona Marketplace  Arizona Marketplace Entrance

I let Cathy out and then parked the Jeep. There were a lot of cars there. Finally found a parking spot. Went through the whole thing in about 1/2 hour. Went to the food court and bought a Bud Light Draft for $3.00. Sat down and listened to Jack Jackson.

Jack Jackson      Jack Jackson and Friends

Tried to call Cathy several times. It said no network available. I had a good signal. Powered the phone off and on. By this time I had found a barber shop, so decided to get a haircut. Only $8:00.

Tavi's Barber Shop              Tavi’s Barber Shop

We then headed to the Foothills Walmart. Got a few things and headed to the 99 Cent Only store on Fortuna. Then went to the Chevron station and filled the Jeep and gas can for generator. $2.29/gal.

Got back to Ocotillo Flat and went to Bob and Helen’s for Happy Hour. Cathy walked Joy over. Helen put Cathy in charge of going out to eat. We will be going to Texas Road House Monday at 4:00PM.

Watched a couple episodes of Blue Bloods, then NASCAR Bash on the Beach at Daytona and then Building Alaska. Cathy made egg sandwiches for dinner.

Friday February 20, 2015 Alternator Gets Replaced

Overcast this morning. Over night low was 55F and the high today was 84F. Because it was overcast, we didn’t get a lot of solar power generated.

At noon Scott came over and we got started on changing out the alternator. It took about two hours and not a single swear word was necessary. Scott worked from below. We did have to take the battery out to help loosen the alternator. A ratchet I bought at Lowes came in handy, it rotates the socket when you rotate the handle.

Scott Working on Alternator      Scott Working From Below

When we went to start it, the battery was low. Luckily Scott had booster cables, I couldn’t find mine. I think they are in the Wrangler. Charged battery with the HHR and then started the Cherokee. Didn’t want to idle, so I kept my foot on the gas for awhile. It finally kept running. Several test runs of a few miles and it is still charging.

We had Happy Hour at Bob and Helen’s. Got back to motor home by 5:30PM to watch the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race. It was a good race with several pile ups. Brad Keselowski’s team did well, Tyler Reddick won and Austin Theriault came in fourth.

We had salads for dinner and watched Shark Tank and Blue Bloods.


Thursday February 19, 2015 Back to Imperial Dam

As usual another perfect day. Clear and warm this morning, no wind. The over night low was 47F. The high at Imperial Dam was 85F.

Dug drove his ATV over to say good bye. Rhoda walked up. We had a good time and good food with them. We are looking forward to seeing them in the summer. Joy decided that she would like to drive the ATV.

Joy on Quad          Joy Driving Quad ATV

We left FOY right at noon. We had an uneventful drive down Hwy 111 to I-8. When we got to Yuma we pulled in to Sam’s Club for gas. It isn’t easy to get a motor home in, but it saves 12 cents/gal. I left a gap so cross traffic could go by, but as always some one had to pull in ahead of me. This guy actually manged to do it twice, after the first time I was moving over one island and he beat me to it.

ND Driver         Notice the License Plate

We headed back by way of Bard and stopped for mail. When we got to Ocotillo Flat, only Dennis was around. Every one had gone to the Q for prime rib. A little while later Bob and Helen drove up. The Q no longer had prime rib.

Bob started a camp fire. Cathy went down, but I watched the Budweiser Duel. Dale Jr. won the first and Jimmy Johnson the second. Denny Hamlin spun Danica out for the second time in two days. Danica still finished 10th and will be in the Daytona 500.

Wednesday 2-18-15 Dog Park & Burgers at Dug and Rhoda’s

Another perfect morning after an over night low of 57F it got up to 83F this afternoon. About 3:00PM it started clouding up. For some reason when it was overcast the Salton Sea was more visible.

Salton Sea from FOY   Salton Sea from Our Street at FOY

Alan came over this morning to say good bye. We will miss him. He is taking up residence at Slab City.

Alan's Spot at Slab City          Alan’s Spot at Slab City

Someone in his neighborhood has a two story patio.

Alan's Neighbor           Site with Two Story Patio

Took Joy to the Dog park twice today.

Dog Park             Waggin Tails Dog Park

They have playground equipment for the dogs.

Playground Equipment      Dog Playground Equipment

and a very nice water dish and spigot.

Water Dish

The only dog there this morning didn’t want to play. In the afternoon she was intimidated by the dogs at happy Hour and snapped at them.

Dogs at Dog Park                   Dogs at the Dog Park

She fetched the ball and had a good time. I think now that she knows some of the dogs, that next time they may play.

Rhoda picked us up at 4:20PM in their Cherokee for burgers. While we were waiting for the burgers to finish, we watched a beautiful sunset.

FOY Sunset 2-18-15                   Sunset at FOY

The burgers were really good. We also had wild rice and potato salad.

Burger    Dinner at Dug & Rhoda’s

Cathy again washed clothes all day. She went down to the salt water pool to watch Rhoda in the afternoon. After dinner she went down to watch Rhoda play Mahjong.