February 9, 2015 Martha’s Garden

Same  today as the last few days. Over night low was 59F and the high today was 95F. Clear and sunny with a light wind.

We left for Martha’s Garden Date Farm at 9:00AM, hoping to get on the 10:00AM tour.

Marth's Garden       Martha’s Garden Date Farm

The tour was all booked up for today and mostly booked until the 26th of February. They do a 10:00AM and a 1:00PM tour each day. They can take 20 people on each tour. it costs $10/person.  They have a people mover pulled by a tractor.

People Mover              Tour People Mover

We were in the Cafe watching the date farming slide when the owner, Nels Rogers stopped and asked how things were going. We had a good conversation with him. His grandfather bought a cotton farm in Yuma in 1920. He and his wife Martha started the date farm in 1990. They planted 300 Medjool date shoots in 1990. Today they have 8,000 date palms on 100 acres. The first dates were harvested in 1999. He is trying to break into the southest Asia market. He put an ad in a Malasian magazine for $1,800, but only got one response. He ships container loads to Australia.

Nels Rogers                      Nels Rogers

We headed north on US-95 and stopped at the Rogers other operation, From the Farm. A store that sells vegetables and knick knacks.

From the Farm Store        From the Farm Store

They also sell shakes and soup and sandwiches. We looked around for awhile and then ordered. Alan had a Quesadilla and I had two tacos. They were very good. Cathy only had a caramel shake. I bought date shakes for Alan and myself.

Alan at the Grill              Alan at the Grill

Sat around and read until about 3:30PM. Went to the post office in Bard for the mail. When I got back I joined every one at Jim and Lucy’s. Alan had been gone all after noon. He got to the Happy Hour about 5:10PM and had gone in to Walgreens and printed off some pictures to give to every one.

Went back to motor home for dinner. We just had salads. Watched Two Broke Girls and then went to the camp fire. Went back to motor home at 9:00PM and watched NCIS Los Angeles.


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