Friday February 13, 2015 Easy Day at Ocotillo Flat

It was calm and nice this morning. The over night low was 56F and the high today was 88F. It was calm in the morning and late afternoon, but windy in the middle of the day. It was clear and sunny all day.

Lynn and Sandy pulled out before we got up and Jim and Lucy left about 11:00AM. Only 6  RVs left here.

Jim and Lucy Leaving        Jim & Lucy Heading Out

Cathy talked to David’s nurse and he is doing a lot better. He has settled in and isn’t as upset as last night. The nurse asked what his favorite TV programs were. Cathy also talked to th aid assigned to him and Development Homes. He is in Room 202 of the Renal Oncology section. They are full in most sections, so he had to go there. It is in the the old rehab section and only private rooms.

Spent the day deciding what to do about changing the alternator on the Cherokee. The bolt on the belt tensioner was pretty rusty and I don’t have any PB Blaster or WD-40. Looks like I need another 15mm wrench and socket also. I think I will leave the Cherokee at Ocotillo Flat when we go to Fountain of Youth. I will pick up the necessary items to do the job as we pass through Yuma with the motor home.

Cathy was making spaghetti for dinner. She needed water, so I took two gallon water jugs over to the Christian Center to fill, put my money in, but no water came out. Bob volunteered to give me some from his supply.

Dennis said Charlie made it to Idaho where his mother is buried and was able to put a vase and flowers on his mother’s grave.

The spaghetti and meatballs was delicious. We had coleslaw with it.

After dinner we watched Undercover Boss, Shark Tank and 20/20.

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