Friday February 20, 2015 Alternator Gets Replaced

Overcast this morning. Over night low was 55F and the high today was 84F. Because it was overcast, we didn’t get a lot of solar power generated.

At noon Scott came over and we got started on changing out the alternator. It took about two hours and not a single swear word was necessary. Scott worked from below. We did have to take the battery out to help loosen the alternator. A ratchet I bought at Lowes came in handy, it rotates the socket when you rotate the handle.

Scott Working on Alternator      Scott Working From Below

When we went to start it, the battery was low. Luckily Scott had booster cables, I couldn’t find mine. I think they are in the Wrangler. Charged battery with the HHR and then started the Cherokee. Didn’t want to idle, so I kept my foot on the gas for awhile. It finally kept running. Several test runs of a few miles and it is still charging.

We had Happy Hour at Bob and Helen’s. Got back to motor home by 5:30PM to watch the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race. It was a good race with several pile ups. Brad Keselowski’s team did well, Tyler Reddick won and Austin Theriault came in fourth.

We had salads for dinner and watched Shark Tank and Blue Bloods.


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