Friday February 27, 2015 Moved from Dry Camping to Lot 23

Nice morning again. Cool, over night low was 54F and the high this afternoon was 74F. It was clear and sunny in the morning, but started clouding up in late afternoon. It was windy at 15 mph, gusting to 20 mph.

Cathy went over to the office to see if a full hookup site was available. We got lot 23, which is Jack and Millie’s lot. Jack and Millie are friends that camp at Imperial Dam. It is near the Club House and the entrance.

Lot 23           Rover’s Roost Lot 23

There is a nice place to sit behind the motor home.

Place to Sit                  Nice Place to Sit

Right after lunch we moved to the full hookup lot. It took a while to get the satellite working. I had to put the dome on top of the power pedestal. As it was windy I had to tie it to the power pedestal.

Satellite dome    Satellite Dome on Power Pedestal

Cathy started washing clothes at about 3:00PM. She had 5 washer loads and there are still a couple more left to do. Our neighbor to the west in the Airstream was also washing clothes. His name is Bob and he is from NE Ontario. Joy was doing a lot of barking. I would go over to the laundry to carry things back. On one trip back to the motor home we had a note on the door saying that Joy’s barking was unacceptable. It wasn’t signed, so don’t know who did it. Bob said he doesn’t ming, that’s what dogs do.

It was after 7:00PM when Cathy finished with the clothes so we went out to pick up something to eat. I stopped at C-A-L Ranch Supply. It was a lot like Mill’s Fleet Farm, but a lot more expensive. I picked up a faucet adapter to allow two hoses to be hooked up and some Science Diet food for Joy.

We stopped at Food City to get some apple fritters, but they were all gone. They had some nice peppers and avocados 3 for 99 cents. Picked up some mayonnaise, root beer and shampoo.

We stopped at Jack in the Box and picked up sandwiches. We got back in time to watch Blue Bloods.

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