Friday February 6, 2015 More Firewood

Another perfect day. Over night low was 54F. High today was 83F. It was clear, sunny and calm.

Bob and Jane were leaving this morning for Casa Grande, so Alan was taking pictures. He didn’t get one of the whole group, but got pictures of most of us. Bob and Jane left at 10:05AM, they will be gone for 10 days with family in Casa Grande and then come back.

Bob & Jane                   Bob & Jane

Here is a good picture of the women of Ocotillo Flat

Women of Ocotillo Flat Top Jane, Sandy & Lucy Bottom Cathy, Joy Doris & Chloe

After the picture taking Cathy and Gloria left for a day at the Yuma Thrift Stores.

Cathy and Gloria            Cathy & Gloria

Bob, Lynn, Oscar, Alan and myself, went to pick up more fire wood. On the way we stopped at Al’s RV on Fortuna for Customer Appreciation Day. There was free coffee and donuts and a 15% discount on every thing in the store. I bought a 3′ tote dump hose and two organizers for the side of the bed. Alan bought some foil insulation to cut to fit the windows and a sewer elbow.

Al's RV                          Al’s RV

We then headed to Valley Pallet to get the firewood. This time we got a pretty good load.

Loading Pallet    Loading Wood Into Bob’s Pickup

When we got back to Ocotillo Flat Bob backed up to the wood pile. We all went for lunch and then went back to unload and stack the wood. Curt joined us as we were unloading. We stacked it into three piles, the 2×4’s, deck boards and small scraps. Took about 20 minutes to unload.

Unloading Wood               Unloading Wood

Alan’s water heater wasn’t working, so we took a look at it. It was the thermal cut off. We found this out by by passing the thermal cut off. I had a spare so Alan installed that. The water heater is now working.

We spent the rest of the day just sitting or napping. Happy Hour was at Jim and Lucy’s. Gloria and Cathy got back about 5:45PM. Cathy says that Yuma has some very nice Thrift Stores.

We had a perfect night for a camp fire. Most every one was at the fire.



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