Monday February 2, 2015 Perfect Day Solar Panel Install

Over night low 50F and high today 75F. It was a perfect day, clear and just a slight breeze.

Had toast and coffee for breakfast

Took some LED lamps over for Alan. Then walked over to Bob and Jane’s with Joy to see how their solar  was doing. Their batteries were already fully charged. Bob and I planned to install my solar panel at 2:00PM. While at Bob and Jane’s Curt came back from the Christian Center and Joy was barking at him, first time I’ve ever seen her do that. Then she made up with him.

Ate some pickles and cheese for lunch. Got the panel and connectors out to install. Put the ladder up and decided to put the panel on the driver’s side to balance the solar power.

Bob came promptly at 2:00PM. We bolted the Z brackets to the panels.

Mounting Z Brackets      Bolting Z Brackets to Panel

I got up on the roof and Bob got on the ladder. He handed the panel up to me. I put it 3″ to the drivers side of the existing panel. I screwed the Z brackets down.

Bob Helping with Solar Panel      Bob Helping with Panel

Cathy said the TV went off. When I came down I checked the inverter. The GFCI receptacle needed to be reset. Still the TV circuit didn’t power on. Pulled every thing off the circuits, still didn’t work. Started the generator. The inverter circuits still didn’t work. Checked the breakers, breaker 5 was tripped. Turned it on and there was a noise like a motor starting, it strained the generator and tripped the breaker. Cathy insisted it was something I did on the roof. I went up and took out the first screw and every thing came on.

Offending Screw

Screw showed no damage from shorting wires. The screw was only 1″ long.


Couldn’t connect the panel as the cable was about 18″ too short. It was Happy Hour when we finished, so we took beers over to Alan’s. Most went to Jim and Lucy’s for Happy Hour. Lynn and Curt joined us at Alan’s.

Bob decided to have a campfire. Cathy and I decided to do hot dogs on the camp fire. Every body showed up. Lynn drove over with Oscar, but Lynn walked over in her slippers. Dennis and Charlie came over and told us the Space Station was coming over. We were able to watch for about 3 minutes.

Camp Fire 2015                  Camp Fire

After the camp fire went back to the motor home and ordered the extension cables to connect the panel.

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