Monday February 23, 2015 Los Algodones & Texas Roadhouse

Another nice morning. A little rain over night. Over night low was 50F and the high was 76F. It was sunny and partly cloudy. It was breezy with wind gusting to 15 mph.

I took Joy for her morning walk and stopped at Bob and Janes  for awhile.

At 11:00AM we went to Los Algodones to pick up vanilla and inhalers. The large parking lot was at least half full. They raised the price from $5.00 to $6.00.

Los Algodones Street Main Shopping Street in Los Algodones

We only went to the Yellow Pharmacy, the small Purple Liquor store and a shirt and jacket vendor. The price on my albuterol inhalers is actually down. I paid $4.50 for 3 inhalers. Last year 3 inhalers were $5.99. I bought a bottle of Don Pedro Reserva Especial Mexican Brandy. 1 liter was $12.50. Joy ate part of Cathy’s Algodones jacket, so she bought a new one. Payed $21.00.

It took us an hour to get through the line at customs. Cathy bought a little blue turtle from one of the girls for $2.00 and a bottle of water for $1.00 while waiting in line.

Line Waiting to Cross Border to US        Line Waiting to go to US

We stopped at the post office in Bard. I filled out a mail forwarding form and picked up some supplies. We got back to Ocotillo flat at 3:00PM. I walked Joy, Cathy called Texas Roadhouse for Call Ahead Seating and we took off to Texas Roadhouse for the 4:00PM get together. Bob and Jane left at the same time and got to the Texas Roadhouse at the same time. We went on US-95 and Bob and Jane went on S24. We both got to Texas Roadhouse at the same time.

We got a Blooming Onion for an appetizer and ordered steak and prime rib. It was all very good and will provide some good stir fry.

When we got back I went down and spent some time with Bob and Jane.


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