Saturday February 14, 2015 Lazy Day at Ocotillo Flat

Another nice morning. Over night low was 60F. The high today was 90F. It was sunny, partly cloudy with a slight breeze.

Watched the Fox News Financial shows this morning.

Joy wanted to go for a walk and visit the neighbors. We walked over to Dennis’ and talked for awhile. Charlie is back at Dennis’ in Washington. Dennis found a blown fuse in the bad converter from Jim and Lucy’s fifth wheel. He hasn’t tried it out on a battery, but it puts out 13.8 VDC.

We then walked over to Bob and Helen’s. They were going to go into Harbor Freight, so I told them to stop and get some of the free coupons I had. Bob was taking Helen out to eat for Valentine’s Day.

Cathy gave me a humorous Valentin’s Day card. I didn’t have one for her.

Read for awhile then took the garbage to Quail Hill. Stopped to see Scott, but he wasn’t home. Twinkie greeted me with some barking though. Drove through some of roads up on the Mesa to see what kind of rigs I could see. All the while driving at slow speeds the Cherokee charged fine.

Went to Happy Hour at Bill and Lana’s. Bill and Lana, Bob and Helen, Bob and Doris, Dennis, Cathy and I were there.

Went back and watched the Sprint Unlimited 75 lap race from Daytona. There were several large pile ups. Matt Kenseth was the winner, his first time.

Russ Greene did a nice Report on the Imperial Dam LTVA.

He also did three posts in his BLOG

Russ on the Road Imperial Dam Part One

Russ on the Road Imperial Dam Part Two

Russ on the Road Imperial Dam Part Three

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