Saturday February 21, 2015 Arizona Marketplace

Today started out sunny. The over night low was 56F and the high this afternoon was 86F. It was partly cloudy and breezy today.

Watched the Fox New financial programs. Walked down to Bob and Jane’s with Joy, she pulled me the whole way. She likes to go visiting in the morning.

About 11:00AM we headed in to Yuma. We went in on US-95 to I-8 and then got off at Araby Road. We spent a couple of hours at Arizona Marketplace.

Arizona Marketplace  Arizona Marketplace Entrance

I let Cathy out and then parked the Jeep. There were a lot of cars there. Finally found a parking spot. Went through the whole thing in about 1/2 hour. Went to the food court and bought a Bud Light Draft for $3.00. Sat down and listened to Jack Jackson.

Jack Jackson      Jack Jackson and Friends

Tried to call Cathy several times. It said no network available. I had a good signal. Powered the phone off and on. By this time I had found a barber shop, so decided to get a haircut. Only $8:00.

Tavi's Barber Shop              Tavi’s Barber Shop

We then headed to the Foothills Walmart. Got a few things and headed to the 99 Cent Only store on Fortuna. Then went to the Chevron station and filled the Jeep and gas can for generator. $2.29/gal.

Got back to Ocotillo Flat and went to Bob and Helen’s for Happy Hour. Cathy walked Joy over. Helen put Cathy in charge of going out to eat. We will be going to Texas Road House Monday at 4:00PM.

Watched a couple episodes of Blue Bloods, then NASCAR Bash on the Beach at Daytona and then Building Alaska. Cathy made egg sandwiches for dinner.

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