Saturday February 7, 2015 Shopping in Foothills

Another perfect day. Over night low was 56F. The high today was 74F. It was clear with a gentle breeze.

Last night we looked at Jim and Lucy’s charging system. It appeared the converter was bad. Dennis and I confirmed that this morning. Lucy pulled out most of the panels to gain access to the converter and I finished. Jim checked with the Solar Shack at the Christian Center, but they didn’t have one in stock. He called Al’s RV and RV Connection and they both had the PD9260 in stock. He went into the Foothills to buy one.

Alan wanted to go in to wash the Jeep and asked if we would like to go with him. Cathy and I said yes and we left at noon for the Foothills. Cathy went into the 99 Cent Only Store and Alan ran the Jeep through the car wash. Then Alan and I went to Al’s RV. Alan bought a Thermal Cutoff Kit to replace the one I gave him and a gasket set for his 3″ black water valve. Alan and I went to the 99 Cent Only Store and picked up a couple of things. We then went to Walmart. We picked up dog food for Joy and some snacks for ourselves. Alan bought a 7 gallon Reliance water container. So he is almost a complete boondocker. All he needs now is a Blue Boy waste tote. We went from Walmart to Fry’s. I bought some anti pasta and shrimp. Alan then filled with gas at Fry’s for $1.95/gal.

We went back to Ocotillo Flat. People were gathering at Jim and Lucy’s. Dennis and I went there and removed the old converter and replaced it with the new one, complete with Charge Wizard Pendant. It wasn’t too bad and when we were done it worked. Lucy and I finished by replacing the panels. I brought some raw hide chewies for Chloe and Oscar. They really enjoyed them. Adele made another batch of home made Kahlua with the Ever Clear they picked up in Mexico yesterday. She left the bottle for every one to enjoy.

We had a nice camp fire. Lucy, Jim, Sandy, Bill, Bob, Joy and myself were there. We had some of Adele’s Kahlua.

Didn’t take any pictures today, but Alan sent me a picture of the sun rise over our Adventurer.

Sunrise Over the Adventurer

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