Saturday January 31, 2015 Trip to Yuma

The over night low was 51F and the high today was 67F. It was overcast all day, but is perfectly clear now at 10:30PM.

Spent the morning watching the Fox News Business shows. Alan texted “What’s happening?”. I went over to talk to him and we decided to go to town to get gas, some things for the Super Bowl Party and some things at harbor Freight. We both had lunch and then headed to Yuma in Alan’s Grand Cherokee. We dropped off trash at Quail Hill and then headed to Bard, where I checked out mail. We went into Yuma via the one way bridge. Stopped at Sam’s Club and filled with gas at $1.77/gal. Went on up Pacific to the Walmart. Cathy had asked me to get frozen meat balls to make for the party, couldn’t find any, so substituted chicken wings. While at Walmart I saw a woman and a dog dressed alike. She said they had won a contest. The parking lot at Walmart was almost full, but checkout was fast.

Dog at Walmart   Dog and Woman in Sailor Suits

Went to harbor Freight where Alan bought a grease gun and some plastic scrapers to work on his step problem. We got back at Happy Hour time, but nobody was gathering. I went over to Bob and Jane’s to see how the additional solar panels were doing? The batteries were fully charged, even though it had been overcast all day. Sat and talked to Bob for awhile. Alan and Curt came by. Went back to motor home and watched TV. We had our last Jack’s pizza from Menard’s for dinner.

RV Travel posted another drone fly over video of Quartzsite today.

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