Sunday February 1, 2015 Super Bowl Sunday

The overnight low was 49F and the high today was 77F. It was clear and calm all day.

After lunch we set up the venue for the Super Bowl Party. We set it up under the awning on Bob and Jane’s fifth wheel. Jane’s uncle Bob, Bob, Alan, Jane and I set up blue tarps to block the sun. Alan contributed his TV.

Setting up for Super Bowl   Setting Up for Super Bowl

We officially started the party at 4:00PM, but Jane brought out chips and dip while we sere sitting around waiting.

By the time we started, we had a large assortment of snacks of all kinds. Jane had some dates wrapped in bacon, chips and salsa and Yukon Gold potato skins, Lucy brought little sausage pigs in a blanket and gucamole, Cathy brought wings in BBQ sauce, carrot slaw and filled celery sticks, Alan brought a fruit salad.

Setup for Game           Watching the Game

We really enjoyed the game. We had Jim & Lucy,  Bob and Jane, Jane’s Uncle Bob, Alan, Cathy & myself. Charlie stopped in for a minute. Alan came in his new shirt.

Alan's Shirt  Alan’s New Shirt

When we got to half time we took time to get jackets and walk Joy.

We got back in time to watch the half time show. Katy Perry flying through the air was impressive.

Curt came over for the second half. It was really an exciting game, especially when that spectacular catch was made by Seattle and it looked like they had the game in the bag and then they threw it away.

Finished off the night watching Shark Tank

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