Sunday February 15, 2015 Shopping in Yuma

Warm over night and nice this morning. Over night low was 57F and the high today was 83F. Partly cloudy but sunny. A little breezy.

Watched the Daytona qualifying for the pole. There was another big pile up. Jeff Gordon got the pole. This will be his last year of full time Sprint Cup racing, so it was a good start. Jimmy Johnson will start next to him.

Went in to Yuma. We stopped at Bard for mail, there was quite a bit. Went to the Walmart on Avenue B. I dropped Cathy off at the 99 Cent Only Store and went to Harbor Freight to get some tools for the alternator change.

When we got back to Ocotillo Flat I went over to Bob and Helen’s for Happy Hour. While we were in Yuma, Bob and Jane returned from Casa Grande. They are parked where Bob and Helen used to park. Bob and Ardeth are in the spot Bob and Jane had before they went to Casa Grande.

They took David off oxygen yesterday afternoon. He had a good night and went home this afternoon.

I grilled hamburgers for dinner. After dinner I went down to the camp fire. It was really nice out tonight. Every one except Lana came to the camp fire.

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