Sunday February 8, 2015 Music at Gravel Pit Ramada

As Alan says, another average day. Low over night was 59F and the high today was 91F. Clear and sunny with little to no wind.

Just sat around drinking coffee this morning. Gloria called and said there was a jam session at the Gravel Pit Ramada at 1:30PM.

At 12:30PM I dumped the black water tank and hauled it up to the Mesa dump station. It took two trips. My tote is 12 gallons. I filled it the first time, but only about half way on the second trip. The tank is 40 gallons, so it was only half full. That isn’t bad for 12 days.

After I finished dumping, Alan and I went up to the jam fest. It was enjoyable, but there wasn’t enough shade for every one. Mostly western music with some folk music. It lasted two hours.

Gravel Pit Ramada                Gravel Pit Ramada

Musicians                     Inside Ramada

When we got back to Octillo Flat we joined every one at Jim and Lucy’s. I brought chewies for the dogs, Oscar, Chloe, Cody and Joy. Cathy bought some sea weed snacks at the 99 Cent Only Store. Nobody liked them, but Chloe and Joy sure did. Cathy also brought Red Velvet Oreos which were well received.

Cathy made chicken, rice and sugar snap peas for dinner.  While we were eating dinner, there was an earthquake we could feel for about 20 seconds. It was a 4.9 about 150 miles SW of here in Baja California. After dinner I went down to the camp fire. Bob, Doris, Jim, Lucy, Bill and Alan were at the camp fire.

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