Thursday February 12, 2015 Breakfast at Copper Miner – Yuma Oncology

Wind was calm this morning. Over night low was 55F and the high today was 84F. Later in the day it was windy. 20 mph gusting to 33 mph.

Started the day by going to Squaw Lake for a shower at 7:00AM. Nice hot 8.5 minute shower for $1.75. I was the only one there taking a shower.

Shower House at Squaw Lake  Shower House at Squaw Lake

At 9:00AM we left with Jim and Lucy, they were taking us for breakfast at Copper Miner Kitchen in Old Downtown Yuma. I had biscuits and gravy with sausage links. It was very good.

Copper Miner Kitchen 2-12-15        Copper Miner Kitchen

Cathy and I went over to the laundromat on 8th street to do some washing. It is a large laundromat and even has a snack bar.

We finished the laundry at 12:30PM and headed to Yuma Oncolocy Center for my 1:30PM appointment with Dr. Grado. Stopped at Fry’s at filled with gas for $2.07/gal.

Dr. Grado was happy with the drop in my PSA and said that my prostate was in perfect shape. Will see him again this time next year.

Yuma Oncology Center          Yuma Oncology Center

The Jeep stopped charging while driving into Yuma, so I stopped at the O’Reilly’s on 4th avenue and picked up an alternator. It was charging every once in awhile after stopping and restarting the engine.

Dropped Cathy at the 99 Cent Only Store and went to Harbor Freight to exchange the hole saws I bought a week ago. It didn’t have the arbor in the box. Picked up Cathy and headed back to Ocotillo Flat, stopping at the post office in Bard.

When we got back to the motor home I went down to Jim and Lucy’s for Happy Hour. Big Hoss and his wife came by with a new puppy named Taffy. She was very playful, so I went and got Joy. We turned them loose and they had a great time playing. Chloe even joined in a little. Oscar wasn’t too happy with the girls and let them know it.

Joy and Taffy                    Joy and Taffy

Went back to motor home and had a salad. Then went back to the camp fire. It will be the last we see of Lynn and Sandy and Jim and Lucy, they are all leaving tomorrow morning.

While watching the news we got a call from David’s care giver. He is at the emergency room with a breathing problem. He may have pneumonia.


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