Thursday February 19, 2015 Back to Imperial Dam

As usual another perfect day. Clear and warm this morning, no wind. The over night low was 47F. The high at Imperial Dam was 85F.

Dug drove his ATV over to say good bye. Rhoda walked up. We had a good time and good food with them. We are looking forward to seeing them in the summer. Joy decided that she would like to drive the ATV.

Joy on Quad          Joy Driving Quad ATV

We left FOY right at noon. We had an uneventful drive down Hwy 111 to I-8. When we got to Yuma we pulled in to Sam’s Club for gas. It isn’t easy to get a motor home in, but it saves 12 cents/gal. I left a gap so cross traffic could go by, but as always some one had to pull in ahead of me. This guy actually manged to do it twice, after the first time I was moving over one island and he beat me to it.

ND Driver         Notice the License Plate

We headed back by way of Bard and stopped for mail. When we got to Ocotillo Flat, only Dennis was around. Every one had gone to the Q for prime rib. A little while later Bob and Helen drove up. The Q no longer had prime rib.

Bob started a camp fire. Cathy went down, but I watched the Budweiser Duel. Dale Jr. won the first and Jimmy Johnson the second. Denny Hamlin spun Danica out for the second time in two days. Danica still finished 10th and will be in the Daytona 500.

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