Thursday February 26, 2015 Shopping in Casa Grande

A really beautiful day here. Cool this morning, over night low was 45F. The high this afternoon was 76F. It was sunny and clear with some very high clouds.

Walked Joy in the morning. Did some maid duties in the motor home.

At 1:30PM we walked over to see Bob and Helen. Joy loves to see them. When they came yesterday, she even squealed. We gave Bob and Helen the latest Lady Justice Series book, Lady Justice on the Dark Side. In this book, Walt turns in his badge and becomes a P.I.

We took Joy back to the motor home and headed out to Sam’s Club. Bob and Helen left for there at the same time. We stopped at Walmart. I wanted to pick up a couple of short sleeved sweat shirts. I asked the clerk and she gave me a strange look. Turns out they don’t have any sweat shirts. Cathy misses coffee, so I have been looking for McCafe Decaf. This was the first Walmart I have found it in for some time. We then stopped at the 99 Cent Only store for candy. They didn’t have what we were looking for. It is a nice store though, with a very nice produce section. I then stopped at Harbor Freight. This may be the nicest harbor Freight I’ve been in. Nice wide aisles and nicely laid out. They had the proximity sensor light I’ve been looking for. Bought one in Yuma two years ago and have been looking for another since then.

When we got back, Jerry, Diane and Simon were parked next to us. They are on their way to Tucson. While I was showing Jerry around, Terry called about the house. They are down to finishing touches. He had a quote for putting in the floor. He is ready to texture and paint. He is going to call the plumber to turn the water on.

Cathy heated up the left over stir fry and made rice and salads for dinner. I made some of the McCafe Decaf for Cathy, but put one too many scoops in the coffee maker. She said it was good watered down.

Spent the evening watching TV.

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