Thursday February 5, 2015 Lunch at Lin’s Grand Buffet

Another perfect day. Over night low was 54F. The high this afternoon was 80F. It was clear and sunny.

This morning Bob came over and asked if we would like to join him and Jane for Lunch at Lin’s Grand Buffet. We said sure.

About 11:30PM Dennis towed his Airstream from Ocotillo Flat to a sales lot on 32nd St. in Yuma. While Dennis and Charlie were at lunch, they got a call from a couple in Phoenix that wanted to buy the Airstream. They had seen it on the Craig’s list add put on line by the sales lot. They agreed to meet at the Paradise Casino at 6:30PM. They towed the Airstream away about 8:00PM.

Bob and Jane picked up Cathy, Alan and myself at 1:30PM. We headed to Lin’s Grand Buffet by way of Bard. When we got there, Jane bought lunch for everyone. I started with beef and vegetables at the Mongolian BBQ then went through the buffet line. It was very good, even Alan a real Chinese food critic agreed.

When we got back to Ocotillo Flat, Bob, Curt Alan and myself started working on Alan’s step. A mounting bolt had torn through the steel plate supporting it.

Tear in Metal                 Tear in Steel

We first had to remove the rubber mat covering the step, no easy task.

Rubber Mat            Removing Rubber Mat

Curt brought a large knife and Bob and Alan were able to remove the mat. Alan then drilled pilot holes from below to locate where we would cut holes with a hole saw.

Working on Step  Alan, Curt & Bob Working on Step

We got the holes in and Curt brought 3 washers from a 1962 Ford and Bob scrounged two bolts and nuts.

Holes         Holes to Access Bolts

Curt brought a magnet that allowed pulling out the center of the hole made by the hole saw and also to place the bolts and washers. We added two additional bolts.

Bolt & Washer      Bolt & Washer in Torn Corner

Alan did all the work under the step. We finished at 8:30PM, 4 1/2hrs after starting.

We all then joined every one at the campfire. The moon was beautiful for the third night in a row. It was warm and calm, so perfect for the camp fire.

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