Tuesday February 10, 2015 Windy Day – New Arrivals

It was a windy morning, but otherwise much like the rest of the days since we have been here. The low over night was 60 F and the high today was 84F. It was sunny and clear with 15 mph plus winds.

Because it was windy I stayed inside and worked at sorting and cleaning out the junk drawer under the cook top. It has been a catch all for things that didn’t get put away in the basement and tools that had been used and not put back in the tool boxes. It will take at least a couple more days to reclaim that drawer for kitchen use.

Alan had bought a slide for the screen door at Al’s RV during the sale. His was missing when he bought the motor home. The one he picked up was too wide. He returned it to Al’s and found out that they didn’ t have one that would fit a Winnebago. They said he would have to go to La Mesa RV. That was on the way to the BLM Yuma office so we stopped. They had one and it was only about $16.00 including tax.

We headed to the Yuma BLM office. Alan wanted to buy an Inter Agency Pass, but the woman told him they had sold their last one last Thursday. She said they couldn’t order more, because the woman they place the order with was not at work. They did however have a map of the BLM Eastern Imperial County roads and trails that will help him when he leaves.

We then went to the Pacific Walmart so alan could buy some staples. I bought some bottled water, coffee, BBQ sauce, lettuce and breakfast rolls. Stopped at the post office in Bard and the back to Ocotillo Flat.

When we got back I went to join Cathy at Jim and Lucy’s. Found out that Curt and Adelle were called home to Washington for a family emergency. Adelle was in Laughland and Curt came to pick up the fifth wheel. Also found out the Bob and Helen and Bob and Ardith had come in this afternoon. On the way back to the motor home I stopped and said hello to Bob and Helen.

Made myself a salad for dinner. Cathy and I changed the sheets on the bed. Will probably do laundry on Thursday.

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