Tuesday February 17, 2015 Slab City

An absolutely perfect morning. Over night low was 55F and the high was 82F. It was sunny and clear all day.

At 9:00AM Alan drove Dug and me to Slab City. It is a few miles east of Niland. It is an abandoned WW II air base. It is kind of a no mans land. It gets its name from the slabs of concrete left behind after they tore down the buildings.

We first stopped at Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mtn       Salvation Mountain

It was built by Leonard Knight over a period of 34 years. Alan and I went up the Yellow Brick Steps to the top.

Alan on top       Alan on Top

Dug guided us around Slab City. There is a low power radio station broadcasting on FM 95.7. They even have public service announcements. We then went to the Internet Cafe. The coffee is free, but you are supposed to bring your own cups. We didn’t have any, but they brought us three cups to use. It was very good coffee. We talked to Rob  the owner. He traded his truck for the Internet Cafe about a 1 1/2 years ago. He was from Washington state. There were several dogs wandering around. They get the Internet from Beamspeed in Yuma.

We next went to the Library. it is open 24 hrs per day and is free. Even has a snack bar.

Slab City Library

We then went to the art gallery. It is very large and has 16 artists in residence. They even have evening shows where some of the art is lit.

Talking to Artist     Talking to One of the Artists

We toured the residential areas, such as the LOW (Loners on Wheels). There was one site with a sign Johns Place, right next to it was Bud’s Place.

We headed back to FOY via Calipatria so we could go to the grocery store and Donut Boulevard. I bought ice and potato salad at the store and 2 boxes of day old donuts. $3.00/box. The were a dozen assorted donuts per box.

My cousin Kathleen came to visit. She lives in Mission Viejo, CA. We have known each other since we were babies. She had a lot of trouble finding the right toads, but a highway patrolman finally got her here.

We talked for a couple of hours. We then went up to Dug and Rhoda’s for grilled shrimp. Alan also joined us. Rhoda made wild rice with carrots and onions and Alan brought a bottle of wine and Quinoa with Kale. Dug did a great job grilling the shrimp and we all ate till we were full.

Shrimp Dinner Shrimp, Wild Rice, Quinoa with Kale

Cathy has been washing clothes all day in the motor home. When she opened the door the first time to load clothes, it dumped a lot of water on the floor. When we got back from Dug’s there wasn’t any water. It was the pressure reducer.

My cousin called at 9:25PM and said she made it to her hotel in Indio.


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