Tuesday February 24, 2015 Last Trip to Bard Post Office

It was real windy this morning, but sunny. Over night low was 46F and the high today was 71F. Wind gusting to 25 mph most of the day.

Watched some TV in the morning. Left at 2:00PM for the last trip to the Bard post office.

Bard Post Office                     Bard Office

Went from there to Sam’s Club for gas. It was $2.22/gal today. Most stations in Yuma are $2.39/gal.

Stopped at the Pacific Walmart for a 24 pack of drinking water and some pastries for breakfast. Stopped at the 99 Cent Only store for envelopes and toffee chocolate bars. They had neither. Stopped at the Chevron station on Fortuna Road to fill up the Jeep’s passenger side rear tire, it has a slow leak.

When we got back to Ocotillo Flat I went over to Bob and Helen’s. Uncle Bob was there also. Bob sold his solar panels to Dennis. When the sun went down he disconnected the wire and Dennis took them to his condo.

Cathy made stir fry from the steak I had left over. it might even have been better in the stir fry.

We will be heading to Rover’s Roost Escapees park in Casa Grande tomorrow. Bob and Helen own a lot there and will be leaving before us for Casa Grande. Bill and Lana also own a lot there.

Finished off the night watching NCIS, NCIS New Orleans and Person of Interest.

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