Tuesday February 3, 2015 Trip to Get Firewood

The over night low was 51F and the high this afternoon was 78F. It was clear all day with just a slight breeze.

As I was finishing my second cup of coffee the Bobs came by and asked if I wanted to go along to get firewood. I said sure and jumped in. Forgot that I had left the Honda generator running, so called Cathy and told her to shut it off. We drove in through Bard and went to the pallet companies off of 3E. We went to the second one. They didn’t have much for us, but it should keep us going until Friday when we will maybe go back for more.

Pallet Wood  Pallet Wood loaded in Bob’s Pickup

We then headed over to RV Connection and Bob bought a sewer elbow. From there we went to Carl’s Junior for lunch. Bob had some coupons, I got a 1/3# hamburger and free drink and fries with the coupon.

We then headed for Food City on 8th Street. Bob and I bought beer and apple fritters and twists. The apple fritters are huge. It is a Hispanic store and all the pastries are Hispanic.

We then headed for Imperial Dam by way of the One Way Bridge, we had found construction on the road under the over pass, the other route.

One Way Bridge 3                 One Way Bridge

We had wondered what some of the fields were planted with, so Bob pulled over for a closer look. We think it is broccoli

Broccoli                     Broccoli?

Bob thought the other crop might be rutabagas

Rutebegas                   Rutabagas?

We then stopped at the Bard Post office for mail. Just before we got to Laguna Dam, Bob took us up to Pot Holes Cemetery. There were several men working on it. They were carrying cement bags from a pickup. We helped them carry the bags. The cemetery is a combination of the mission cemetery from the 1700’s and the Pot Holes cemetery from the 1800’s. they had to move the Pot Holes Cemetery to the mission cemetery when the All American Canal was built. The Potholes District was a placer gold mining area with up to 500 miners at one time.

We got back at about 2:30PM. About 3:00PM we all gathered at Jim and Lucy’s for an early start on Happy Hour. Joy came along and was well behaved. Chloe and Oscar were there but didn’t want to play, mostly just wanted to sleep. Took Joy back to motor home about 5:00PM. Went to the Christian Center to fill a couple of water jugs. Then had a salad for dinner and went down for the camp fire.

We are going on a four wheel drive trip tomorrow. Slobber Jaw will be leading the way. We are to meet at the Gravel Pit Road at 8:30AM.

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