Wednesday 2-18-15 Dog Park & Burgers at Dug and Rhoda’s

Another perfect morning after an over night low of 57F it got up to 83F this afternoon. About 3:00PM it started clouding up. For some reason when it was overcast the Salton Sea was more visible.

Salton Sea from FOY   Salton Sea from Our Street at FOY

Alan came over this morning to say good bye. We will miss him. He is taking up residence at Slab City.

Alan's Spot at Slab City          Alan’s Spot at Slab City

Someone in his neighborhood has a two story patio.

Alan's Neighbor           Site with Two Story Patio

Took Joy to the Dog park twice today.

Dog Park             Waggin Tails Dog Park

They have playground equipment for the dogs.

Playground Equipment      Dog Playground Equipment

and a very nice water dish and spigot.

Water Dish

The only dog there this morning didn’t want to play. In the afternoon she was intimidated by the dogs at happy Hour and snapped at them.

Dogs at Dog Park                   Dogs at the Dog Park

She fetched the ball and had a good time. I think now that she knows some of the dogs, that next time they may play.

Rhoda picked us up at 4:20PM in their Cherokee for burgers. While we were waiting for the burgers to finish, we watched a beautiful sunset.

FOY Sunset 2-18-15                   Sunset at FOY

The burgers were really good. We also had wild rice and potato salad.

Burger    Dinner at Dug & Rhoda’s

Cathy again washed clothes all day. She went down to the salt water pool to watch Rhoda in the afternoon. After dinner she went down to watch Rhoda play Mahjong.





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