Wednesday February 11, 2015 Got Permit for Another 14 days

Windy again this morning, but other wise nice. Over night low was 59F and the high today was 84F. Wind was 20 to 25 mph. Clear and sunny.


Alan was leaving today. We planned on replacing the seal in his black water valve after he dumped. When he go back to Ocotillo Flat he realized he had already put a gallon of water and treatment chemicals in the tank. Because there was a gallon of fluid in the tank we couldn’t replace the seal. He went over and met Bob and Helen and said good bye to every one. He was having a little problem getting the pins in his tow bar brackets, so Uncle Bob tapered them with his grinding wheel. He took off about 10:45AM.

Alan Leaving Ocotillo Flat             Alan Leaving Octillo Flat

At 2:30PM Cathy and I went up to the Contact Station on South Mesa to get another 14 day permit. The volunteer was a full time RVer from Alberta.

Contact Station       Contact Station Imperial Dam

We drove through Hurricane Ridge and across the Mesa and back on Ferguson Road past the Christian Service Center. There are quite a few RVs here now.

RVs Near Ferguson Road       RVs Near Ferguson Road

We got back and went to Jim and Lucy’s for Happy Hour. At about 5:00PM I got a text message from Alan saying he was at the sand dunes and that there were a lot of dune buggies.

Had salads for dinner. Went back for a camp fire about 8:00PM.


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