Wednesday February 4, 2015 Jaws Jaunt

Another perfect day. Over night low was 52F and the high was 81F. It was clear with light and variable winds.

At 8:30AM Alan and I drove over to the Gravel Pit road to line up for the Wednesday Jaws Jaunt, a guided four wheel drive trip. 12 four wheel drive vehicles lined up. There were Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Cherokees, Jeep Grand Cherokees, Jeep Liberty and Suzuki Samurai.  Alan was driving his 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Slobber Jaws the guide gave a running commentary over CB radio. Dennis loaned us a portable CB radio and antenna. It was decided with Alan’s approval that his CB handle wood be Hong Kong.

Lined Up for Jaws Jaunt         Lined Up for Jaws Jaunt

We headed south on Senator Wash Road to S24, crossed into Arizona and then took the road to Mittry Lake. We drove past Mittry Lake, then took the road past the refuse center. We then took a road under the high lines. We got to a point where they were installing new lines and a power company truck blocked the road. They said we couldn’t go on as they had wires on the ground. We turned and went south east to the Little Chapel. We stopped for a break and to look at the Chapel. There was a porta potti there that was used by many.

Chapel       Little Roadside Chapel on US-95

It actually has a pulpit and can seat 12.

Inside Chapel    Inside Chapel

There was a Jeep ahead of us on the way to the Chapel with an interesting dog. She sat nicely in the back looking out at us. We found out during the break that her name is Gidget and she is part husky and part wire haired collie. She is 17 years old.

Gidget                        Gidget

We proceeded down US-95 for a short way and took a turn to the left right after the bridge and followed the canal road. We started to get into some steep 4WD type road.

Road                     Steep Road

We went through a tunnel filled with water.

Tunnel                Tunnel with Water

After going through the water, Alan’s Jeep started making funny noises in the front driver’s side. We stopped and couldn’t see any thing. We went on a little and it continued. We decided to go back. Gidget’s dad, Porch Puppy volunteered to accompany us back to US-95. Before we got back to the tunnel, it had quit making the noise. After going through the water it started up again. We stopped and Porch Puppy helped us jack it up and take the wheel off. We rinsed the brake with water. Put it back and thanked  Porch Puppy  and told him we could make it back by our selves.

Looking for Problem              Porch Puppy & Alan

As we set off for Yuma to have it checked out, the noise quit. We decided to go to Meineke on 4th Ave. On the way we stopped at a fruit stand. Alan bought a $1.00 bag of grapefruit and some dates and I bought a $1.00 bag of grapefruit.

We got to Meineke about 11:45AM and the mechanic test drove it and said the hub bearing was bad. Alan told them to go ahead and fix it. They were to do new axles, hubs, rotors and pads. After awhile Alan and I walked over to the Dairy Queen. About 3:00PM, the mechanic said now would be a good time to replace the ball joints. If it was done now there wouldn’t be much additional labor, but in the future could cost quite a bit. Alan said to go ahead. They had a hard time getting the hubs and ball joints out. They were rusted in pretty bad.

Old Hub                      Old Hub

New Hub                      New Hub

They finally finished at 6:30PM. One of the mechanics was from Cuba. He left Cuba 4 years ago.

We drove back to Imperial Dam by way of Bard. Every thing was quiet. The Jeep had made noise since Alan bought it. We thought it might be road noise made by the tires. Now it was completely gone. Stopped for mail in Bard, but there wasn’t any.

Got back to the camp site. Cathy was just leaving the camp fire so I walked with here to the motor home. Made myself a large gin and tonic and went back to the camp fire.


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