Friday March 13, 2015 Salina, KS to Dakota Sioux Casino

A nice, but cool morning in Salina. Low over night was 34F. It was a clear sunny day as we started out. As the day progressed it became partly sunny and windy. At the end of the day it cleared up. It was about 70F for most of the day. Winds were around 30 mph out of the north. Ruined our mileage, only got 5.6 mpg.

We stopped for gas about 70 miles from Salina at Concordia, KS. We stopped at a Conoco and payed $2.28/gal. We took US-81 and I-135. We got to the South Dakota Visitor Center at 3:30PM. It was 70F there. They have a very nice section of the Visitor Center for selling South Dakota products. On the hill they have a sign about US-81 being part of the Pan American highway stretching from Winnepeg to the tip of South America, 17,000 miles long.

Went up US-81 from Yankton to US-18 and then across to I-29. Filled up at Flying J in Sioux Falls for $2.25/gal. Drove another 104 miles to Dakota Sioux Casino for a total of 480 miles and 11 hours for the day.

I set up the motor home while Cathy went in to register. Turns out you don’t have to register any more.

Site at Dakota Sioux Casino    Our Site at Dakota Sioux Casino

By the time I got in there, it was too late for the buffet which ends at 9:00PM. We ate in the Deli. Cathy had a chicken sandwich for $5.00 and I had chili for $1.50. Mine was a good deal, Cathy’s not so much. There was nothing on the sandwich. The person at the counter said next time to order it as Deluxe and you will get every thing on it.

Went back and walked Joy. No real TV reception here. This should be our last night on the road.

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