Friday March 6, 2015 Last Day at Rover’s Roost

Another nice day, but windy. Over night low was 51F and the high today was 78F. Wind was 20 to 25 mph. Clear and sunny all day. The wind went down about 3:00PM and then it was really nice.

Stayed in during the morning, except for walking Joy, because of the wind. Should have done some CE for my electrical license, but didn’t.

Cathy washed the bedding, so we have a clean bed tonight.

Cathy went to Happy Hour at 4:45PM. Bob and Helen were also there. Bob came over and we had a beer. Cathy and Joy went with Helen. The person in lot 103 had a new water pump for $30, so Cathy and Helen stopped to buy it, but he wasn’t there.

Helen made a real good cabbage dish for us. We had it for dinner tonight. I had three helpings.

Bob said he couldn’t find the defragmenter in Windows 7, so I took Helen’s dish back and started the defragmenter for Bob. Turns out his drive was only 3% fragmented, so didn’t need any thing.

There are several empty lots here now. I think people moved on to the Escapade in Tucson, which started today.

We watched the UND vs. Miami of Ohio hockey game. UND won 2 to 1, so that means they won the NCHC Conference and the Penrose Cup.

We watched Shark Tank, In an Instant and Blue Bloods.

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