Monday March 9, 2015 Crummy Day

The day started out grey and gloomy and got worse. Over night low in Pecos was 43F. It rained a little over night. It was pretty windy most of the day. We picked up rain at Odessa and Midland and had it all the way to Weatherford. We stopped in Abilene at 4:15PM, the high there today was 52F.

I took Joy for a walk through the park, I could see the remnants of the former SKP Park, but they haven’t been kept up and the oil workers have made a mess of it. There is a park with a zoo next to the SKP Park. Pecos has the strange on ramps where a street just merges with the Interstate. We drove about 2 miles before we were on I-20 headed east. Pecos all the way to Midland looks terrible. The oil companies don’t seem to do any thing to keep the local communities up. Starting at Odessa you can see fancy office buildings and in Midland high rise office buildings.

Kevin harvick won the Sprint Cup Race in Las Vegas, so Outback gives free blooming onions on Monday. We had an Outback gift card so decided to use it. Lowes is right next to Outback in Abilene, so we parked in the Lowes lot.

Parked at Lowes Abilene, TX        Parked at Lowes for Outback

We each got sirloin and shrimp combination plates. As usual we filled up on the blooming onion. So after finishing the shrimp, there was a lot of steak left over for stir fry.

It rained all the time we were in Outback and continued as we drove on I-20 to Weatherford, TX. Saw two accidents and a flipped truck with van box on the other side of the highway.

We got to the Weatherford Walmart at 8:30PM. Cathy called to make sure parking over night was allowed. They said to just park out by the road. We are the only RV here.

Parked at Walmart Weatherford, TX   Parked at Weatherford Walmart

There is a Dollar Tree next to where we parked so I went in and bought some tooth paste, candy and throw away Old Fashioned glasses. Also bought an LED shamrock necklace for St Patrick’s day. Cathy said I need a hat also.

Went into Walmart to get a new battery for the XM Radio remote. Also got “The Interview” DVD and some Persian Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast.

Watched DVD for entertainment tonight.

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