Sunday March 8, 2015 On to Pecos, TX

A very nice morning in Deming. The over night low was 39F. It was sunny and partly cloudy. The high in Pecos, where we ended up was 70F. It was overcast and there was lightning in Pecos.

We stopped at the dog run and played ball with Joy before we left. We got on the road at 10:45AM. We headed out on I-10 to Las Cruces and El Paso. When we got to Texas we stopped at the Welcome Center and picked up a map.

The GPS routed us around El Paso via the Trans Mountain Loop 375. The mountain part is 14 miles long and a 8% grade up one side and 8% grade down the other side. The GPS routed us through the Guadalupe Mountains via US-62/US-180. We went through Guadalupe National Park. It is very scenic and would be worth coming back to. After the park we took FM652 to US-285. These roads are heavily traveled by oil trucks and not in very good shape. The only town we went through was Orla. it was a disaster, lots of run down buildings and portable diners.

We got in to Pecos and it was just as bad as Orla, only much larger. We drove by the Walmart, very small parking lot and it had 4 RVs in it. Stopped at the Flying J and filled with gas for $2.25/gal. They didn’t have any designated RV parking. Went on to Escapees Trapark. Last time we were here there were 7 RVs. Now there are 175 and it is always full. We are boondocking in a space by a gravel pile.

Site at Trapark          Site at Escapees Trapark

We are glad to have it. They said we could run the generator until 9:00PM. Absolutely no TV, although supposedly we could get CBS channel 7 and NBC channel 9. Got out a DVD. We are watching last of the Red Hot Lovers with Alan Arkin.

Cathy made grilled cheese sandwiches and salads for dinner. I am having the oak Leaf White Zinfandel with it.

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