Thursday March 12, 2015 442 miles Sunset, TX to Salina, KS

It was nice this morning. Over night low was 46F. I got things cleaned up and emptied the tanks and pulled in the power cord by 9:30AM. Walked Joy and we left at 9:45AM. The high for the day in Salina was 76F.

Stopped in Wichita Falls, TX for gas. I had planned on stopping at Flying J, but they didn’t have a sign and it wasn’t clear which exit to take. Took the exit after Flying J, intending to drive back, but a Stripe station at the exit had gas 3 cents cheaper than Flying J. Filled up. Checked the rear passenger tire on the Jeep. It was down to 20#. There was a place to fill with air at the Stripe station, but no way to maneuver the Jeep to it without unhooking. Drove on and stopped at the Oklahoma Visitor Center. There was an air dispenser there, so filled up.

It was nice and clear all day, very sunny, but a lot of wind out of the east. Stopped at the Kansas Visitor Center and got a McDonalds hamburger and fries. Decided to stop in Salina, KS for the night. Got to the Walmart in Salina at 8:00PM. A 442 mile, 10 hour day.

Joy slept all day and hasn’t really moved since we parked here in Salina. I think she is still worn out from the last two days at Carrol and Roxanne’s.

I went in to Walmart, got a 28 pack of 20 oz drinking water, some RV toilet paper, cookies and glazed donuts for the morning. also got some Dove bars for desert tonight.

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