Thursday March 5, 2015 Extended Stay Here at Rover’s Roost Two More Days

Another beautiful morning. Over night low was 46F and high today was 70F. No wind and clear and sunny.

Took Joy for a long morning walk. Checked email and etc.

Cathy went over and extended stay by two days. They took down the Boondocking Only sign today, so there must be lots available.

Worked on the fresh water dribble problem. Changed the hose washer to an O-ring type and that seemed to work. Tried the Camco 45 degree angle hose adapter but it dribbles at the joint.

Put Calgon and dawn in the holding tank. Will flush it again when we leave and put Calgon and Dawn in the tank.

We are planning on going to Deming, New Mexico on Saturday. Plan is to spend two nights there and go up to Silver City with the Jeep on Sunday.

Went to Walmart to stock up on chips, water, root beer and salsa. They were out of Sam’s Club 20 oz water, as usual. Did find a solid 45 degree hose adapter. Looks like it will eliminate the Camco adapter dribble problem.

Went to Sam’s Club and filled with gas for $2.19/gal. Took I-10 and I-8 back to Rover’s Roost. Cathy washed clothes while I was gone.

Last night when taking Joy out for her last walk of the day, we witnessed a high speed chase. They were coming down the road to the west and turned the corner and went right by us. i think they got him stopped at the corner of Montgomery Road and AZ84. Police cars were coming from both directions on AZ84.

Talked to Alan. He is enjoying Anza Borrego. he went on a 5 hour moon light hike to Inspiration Point Tuesday night. It was a guided hike. He is going on anotherĀ  1i/2 hour walk tonight around the Visitor Center area.

Watched two Big Bank Theory episodes and Mom on TV. Saw on the news that Harrison Ford crashed his air plane and is in the hospital. It was my nephew Keagan’s birthday today.

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