Wednesday March 11, 2015 Lazy Day at Carrol and Roxanne’s

It was foggy this morning. Over night low was 44F. It got up to 72F this afternoon. At first it was partly cloudy and then clear with no wind. Pretty much a perfect day.

Walked Joy around the RV park. There are 82 sites, mostly all pull through and all are full hookups. There are two shower/laundry rooms. One in the middle of the park that is closed and one at the office building.

About 11:30AM Carrol and Roxanne came to pick us up. They had their two year old granddaughter Charlotte with them. Charlotte and Joy immediately took to each other. When we got to the house they really had a good time and they played hard.

Charlotte and Joy            Charlotte and Joy

We all sat on the porch and watched Joy and Charlotte, some Cardinals, Blue Herons and other birds. I was finishing off the Chianti from yesterday.

View fro Porch              View from Porch

It was very relaxing. The only thing keeping it from being really perfect was the faint skunk odor.

Sitting on the Porch                 Sitting on the Porch

Carrol steamed a pound of shrimp and we ate that with cocktail sauce. It really hit the spot.

At about 4:00PM, Tracy, Charlotte’s mother came with her brother Ben. Ben, Charlotte and Joy had a good time.

Roxanne made a sausage noodle hot dish, with mixed vegetables and mixed fruit for dinner. After dinner Carrol made both regular and decaf coffee.

Tracy and the kids left for Fort Worth. We sat and watched Fox News. At about 9:30PM Carrol and Roxanne brought us home. I don’t think Joy wanted to leave their house where she could run free and have such a good time.

We will be starting for home in the morning and should get their Saturday.

Watched House on TV.


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