Trip Itinerary Starting January 3 to January 8, 2015

2015 Southwest Trip Itinerary

January 3
Leave Buxton
Noon Temp 20F Wind 7mph NW
Stop Bismarck 253 miles
6:00PM Temp 16F Overnight Low 9F

January 4
Leave Bismarck
9:00AM Temp 14F Wind 6mph SSW
Stop Gillette 394 miles
6:00PM Temp 17F Overnight Low 13F

January 5
Leave Gillette
9:00 AM Temp 19F Wind 7mph WSW
Stop Evanston 458 miles
6:00PM 18F Overnight Low 8F

January 6
Leave Evanston
9:00AM Temp 9F Wind 6mph SE
Stop Mesquite 396 miles
6:00PM Temp 45F Overnight Low 34F

January 7
Leave Mesquite
9:00AM Temp 43F Wind 4mph ESE 50% Rain
Stop Apple Valley 267 miles
6:00PM Temp 43F Overnight Low 29F

January 8
Leave Apple Valley
9:00AM Temp 43F Wind 1mph SW
Stop Mission Viejo 92 miles
12:00 Noon 51F Overnight Low 29F

We Are Getting Ready to Leave

We plan on leaving Sunday January 3, 2016. We plan on leaving about noon and driving to Bismarck where we will spend the night. Monday morning we will drive on to Gillette, Wyoming.

I will post as we get ready to leave. We took down the Christmas decorations today. I am working trying to make room for the Hyundai in the garage.

Will probably start the heat in the Adventurer today. Friday or Saturday we will bring it around to the drive way in the front of the house to load. I have to change the oil, so will do that as soon as it is moved.

Temperature now, Tuesday December 29, 2015 4:30PM is 14F. Supposed to get into the 20’s starting tomorrow. The weather is looking good for traveling through Wyoming, Utah and Nevada next week.

Joy will be happy to get to warmer climates.