Saturday January 30, 2016 Buffet at the Q and Los Algodonnes

A perfect morning. Over night low was 53F and the high this afternoon was 82F. The wind was light and variable, mostly out of the north.

Walked Joy and came back and had a cup of coffee from the thermos. Went down to say good bye to Jim and Lucy. They are on their way to Puerto Penabsco to visit with Lucy’s brother. They will stay in Ajo tonight and tomorrow night. Chloe went with Jerry and Lupita.

Lucy and Jim
Cathy, Lucy and Jim

Bob, Jane, Cathy and I went to the Q for the Brunch Buffet.

The Q
The Q Casino

They just started having it again on weekends. The buffet was $8.95 with a 10% discount with the Players Card. They had every thing on the buffet. I just had potatoes, scrambled eggs, link sausages, bacon, bisuit & gravy, fruit, jello, cookies and coffee.

My Q Breakfast

Cathy had an omelet

Cathy's Omelet 2


After breakfast we went to Los Algodonnes. Cathy and Jane went shopping together and Bob and I went to the El Paraiso. Got my usual table. We had Coronas and chips and salsa. Same entertainment as on Monday. Enjoyed watching the people.

Beer at El Paraiso

We were to meet back at the corner at 1:00PM. Cathy was getting bracelets for the girls across the street, but Jane was there. Bought a couple of metal flowers from the vender on the corner.

Metal Flower Vender

Went across the steet to get Cathy. They were still making bracelets.

Making Bracelets

Cathy had gotten a haircut, styling and shampoo. It really looks nice and cost $8.00.

We went to the border and got across in about 5 minutes.

When we got home, Bob brought his headlight lens polishing kit and we did the headlights on the Adventurer. They really needed it and came out nice.

Alan and I finished “Why Shoot the Teacher” and then watched “Trailer Park Boys, the Movie” Finished off the night watching “Saturday Night Live.”

Friday January 29, 2016 Laundry Day

Bright and sunny again today. Over night low was 51F and the high today was 76F. Wind was light from West at 4mph.

Put the coffee on and took Joy for a walk. Jerry and Lupita were leaving this morning. I planned to go down to say good bye, but when I looked they had already left.

Helped Alan check the roof caulking and Jeep rear window wiper blade. Showed him the pump I use to fill with water.

At noon we went in to the Foothills to do laundry. We went to the Payson Drive Laundramat. They have an attendant and large machines. They also have WiFi. Took about 2 hours.

Payson Drive Laundramat

Stopped at the Pacific Walmart for root beer, got the last 12 pack. Got Cathy a cone and myself a McDouble and small fry at the McDonalds in the store.

Took the one lane bridge and turned at the Paradise Casino by the Quechan Housing Authority houses. Ended up out in the middle of fields. Finally got back to the highway and stopped at the post office in Bard for the last time.

Went down for the camp fire. Jim and Lucy will be leaving in the morning. Lucy made Bloody Marys.

Watched 20/20.

Thursday January 28, 2015 Dump Day and Alan Gets a New Awning

Bright and clear this morning. The wind finally subsided. The over night low was 47F and the high today was 72F. Wind gusted to 7mph.

Put the coffee on and walked Joy. As soon as I finished coffee and bagels, Shade Pro came to install Alan’s new awning fabric. I watched as it was installed. Real easy if you know what you are doing.

Shade Pro

The back rafter end on Alan’s awning was broken. Someone had tried to repair it. Luckily the installer had a bent rafter in his pickup with a good end. He used it, but didn’t charge for it.

Rafter End

The finished awning really looks nice. When rolled up now it is white, before it was teal.

Finished Awning

When Alan went to start his Jeep this morning it didn’t start. He wiggled the negative cable and it started. The cables on both posts were loose. I helped him take them off and he cut the gap wider on the connector with his Dremel tool so that they could be tightened on to the posts.

After that I dumped our holding tanks. I use a 12 gallon “Blue Boy” waste tote. The 12 gallons weigh about 100 lbs. I dump from motor home to the tote, load it in the Jeep and haul it up to the dump station and empty it.

Dumping to Tote
Dumping to Tote
Dumping at Dump Station
Emptying Tote at Dump Station

After dumping the waste I hauled fresh water. I brought back 12 gallons for the main tank and 4 gallons of cooking water in gallon containers from the Christian Center.

After all the chores were done we went to the Foothills to buy ice cream. Stopped at 99 Cent Only Store and Frys. Filled the Jeep at $1.94/gal.

When we got back I went down to Jim and Lucy’s and put new F connectors on their cables that they use for cable to their 5th wheel trailer.

Cathy heated up the Jambalaya for dinner. Was really good with Tobasco sauce and South African Smoke seasoning.

Had ice cream for desert.

Went down to the camp fire. This will be the last camp fire for Jerry. He has to be back to work on Monday.

Went home and watched some HGTV shows.

Wednesday January 27, 2016 Stayed Home All Day

Bright sunny and windy morning. Over night low was 48F and the high today was 70F. Wind was light and variable to 10mph.

Started coffee and took Joy for a walk. Got back and had coffee and bagel. Watched TV and read email.

Went down to see Mario and Susan who were leaving. Said good bye to them and took Joy on a long walk to the turn around at the end of the road.

Mario and Susan
Susan and Mario

Called my friend Gary in Bismarck. he said it was up to 46F. While I was talking with Gary, Alan came over and wanted to know if I wanterd to watch a movie I had loaned him, “Why Shoot the Teacher.” It is a based on a classic Canadian book about life in Saskatchewan during the 1930’s depression.

When we were just about through the movie, Cathy came and said the would be spaghetti diner at Doris and Bob’s at 5:00PM. So Alan stopped the movie and we went to dinner. It really hit the spot.

Dinner 1-27-16

After dinner we sat around the camp fire until 8:30PM.

Campfire 1-27-16

Went home and watched “Blackish” and “Code Black” on TV.

Tuesday January 26, 2016 Lunch at Lin’s Grand Buffet

Sunny and windy this morning. The wind did’t let up over night, but finally did about 7:00PM. Gusts today were up to 25mph out of the NW. Over night low was 45F and the high this afternoon was 68F.

Put the coffee in the microwave and took Joy for a walk. She likes to explore and has been going further every day. On the way back I got a nice view of Castle Dome.

Castle Dome

Did some work on the computer. Sketched a diagram for Mario for solar power and printed out specs and prices of the components.

Instead of a dinner at Octillo Flat we all went into Lin’s Grand Buffet in Yuma for lunch. We all got together at 2:00PM. It was good as usuall. I went through the buffet and then went to the Mongolian Grill.

Left Lin’s at 3:30PM and went to home Depot. Picked up two coat hooks to install in my closet to hang jackets on rather than hangers. Then went to Walmart in the Foothills to get root beer and some hor d’oeuvres at the camp fire. They also were out of root beer. There must have been a run on root beer. Both the Walmart on Pacific and the one in the Foothills as well as the Walgreens on Fortuna are out of it.

Got home and Mario came up to see my solar installation. We discussed the various components and he went home to look over the sketch and components.

Took Joy for a walk. We skipped dinner and just had ice cream.

Set up Mail Hold at home on to start tomorrow. Really nice to be able to do every thing on line.

Watched TV and went to bed.

Monday January 25, 2016 Los Algodonnes, BC Mexico

Overcast this morning. Over night low was 48F and the high was 71F. It cleared off and was sunny mid morning and the rest of the day. Wind gusted to 15mph out of the NW.

Started coffee and took Joy for a walk. Came back and had coffee and cake.

At 10:15AM Alan and I headed to Los Algodonnes, BC Mexico. Alan had made an appointment to have his teeth cleaned for $20.00. We got into Algodonnes about 11:00AM. There were a lot of vehicles in the parking lot. They now charge $6.00 for parking. We started out by looking for the dental office where he had an appointment. We asked for directions at a pharmacy and found it on the outskirts of the business district. There was an unusual parking sign in the window.

Witch Sign

It says “Witch Parking Only – All Other Will Be Toad”

After locating the office, we went to the Paraiso for lunch. I ordered a Margarita and Alan ordered lemonade.


Alan ordered Chile Relleno and I had Quesadilla. The entertainment played a medley of Beatles songs, Brazilian songs and some Johnny Cash songs.

Alan and Me
Alan and Me

While we were eating Bob W. and his brother Bill came in. On the street outside we ran into Lupita, Lucy and Jim.

We headed back to the dental office. We got there early for Alan’s 1:30PM appointment and he had to wait.

The office was nice and well equipped. There was a husky young man assisting and I told Alan his job must be to hold the patient down in the chair.

Alan was somewhat disappointed as the ad had a picture of the dentist that showed her as a very attractive woman, the picture must have been taken some time ago.

I went to a park a block away to wait.


While I was sitting there an older woman came over and said hello. she said she had been married to a man from Idaho for 33 years, but he died a year ago without any pension. She said she owned a house in Algodonnes. She said she was waiting for her granddaughter to come from school in America. A man asked if I needed help. I met a couple of nice dogs including a Rat Terrier.


Alan was finished at 2:30PM and we went to buy some Tekali Tequila Coffee Liquor and prescription drugs.

We then headed for the border. I’ve never seen such a line. It took us 1 1/2hrs to exit Mexico.

Line at Border

Once we got to Customs they just looked at the passport and sent us on. Alan used his Enhanced Drivers License, good for Mexican and Canadian border crossing.

We then headed back to Imperial Dam by way of the Walgreens on Fortuna where Alan had ordered some prints of the picture he took of the Lorenzo Family.

We got back about 5:15PM and went to Jerry and Lupita’s RV where dinner was being served. Lucy had made Tamales and Lupita Burritos. They were really good.

Dinner 1-25-16

Some of us sat around the camp fire until after 9:00PM. It got pretty windy and everyone rolled up their awnings.

Sunday January 24, 2015 Cathy’s Turn for Dinner

Another very nice day. Perfectly clear this morning. Over night low was 47F and the high this afternoon was 73F. Wind was light and variable.

Walked Joy and then had coffee and an apple fritter that I bought yesterday at Food City. Watched news on Fox and then Flip or Flop on HGTV.

Alan’s RV buffers called and said they would be there at 9:30AM, but didn’t show up. I finally fixed the vanity drawer. I then went down and fixed Jim and Lucy’s TV antenna. Got it going in time to watch the AFC game.

The two Bobs, Jerry, Alan and I carried the Hobo Camp table back to the camp fire area and set it up.

Hobo Camp Table
Bob L., Bob’s son Jerry, Alan and Bob W.

I went up to walk Joy and saw that the RV buffers had come and started buffing and waxing Alan’s motor home. They are doing it on their own time and didn’t finish, said they would be back next Sunday.

Went down to Jim and Lucy’s and watched the end of the Denver and New England game. Denver won 20 to 18, but New England almost tied it in the last minute.

Went up to motor home and loaded dinner into the Jeep. Cathy made Jambalaya with shrimp and Andouille sausage. Others brought vergetable dishes and salads.. Cathy also made a pancake mix cake with penoche frosting. Everyone enjoyed dinner and came back for seconds.

Dinner 1-24-16
Dinner buffet

Lupita made a real good salsa.

Lupita's Salsa

After dinner we all went over to the camp fire. We watched the full moon come up behind the camp fire. It was really beautiful.

Camp Fire 1-24-16

Went back to the motor home and watched Madame Secretary and NCIS.

Saturday January 23, 2016 Some RVs Get a Bath

It was predicted to be overcast today, but the sun was out most of the day. Over night low was 49F and the high for the day was 70F. Wind gusted to 5mph from the SE.

Got up early because they were coming to wash the motor home. Took Joy for a walk and made coffe and bagels.

Just as I finished breakfast Alan led the van from Benjamin’s Mobile RV wash up to his motor home. They were going to hand wax, but they told us we wouldn’t be happy with the look because we had too much oxidation. They suggested the foam wax. We settled on $100 for the washing and waxing. They started with Alan’s motor home.

I went down to Jerry and Lupita’s RV. Lucy was serving Bloody Mary’s and Lupita was inside making tortillas.

Lucy Making Bloody Marys
Lucy Making Bloody Marys

I sat and talked to Mario for awhile then went in to see Lupita make torillas. She made them from scratch. She rolled the dough into a ball and then worked it flat with her hands and the put in on the grill. Each one came out perfectly round and a uniform size. I had a warm tortilla with butter. Really was tasty. She made 80 of them. She gave some to Cathy to take home. Alan also made a torilla.

Lupita Making Tortillas
Lupita Making Tortillas

About this time they finished Alan’s motor home and started on ours. It looks a lot better, but I am going to have to deoxidize it and wax it this summer.

Washing the Motor Home

After paying for washing the motor home I went down for brunch. Had tortilla with refried beans and eggs.

After doing our motor home, Benjamin’s crew did Bill’s carpet and washed and waxed the out side of his motor home and then did Jim and Lucy’s carpet. They are coming back tomorrow to power buff Alan’s motor home.

Cathy and I went in to Yuma to do some shopping. We went to Food City, Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Only, Harbor Freight and Walmart. Got back to Ocotillo Flat at 5:15PM. Some had gone in to Arizona Market Place and that delayed supper. We finally had supper at Jim and Lucy’s RV. We had corn chowder, chili and corn bread.

Again we all sat around the camp fire. Gizmo, Jerry and Lupita’s dog sat on my lap. He is a Papillon and quite a character. Went back to motor home and watched figure skating.

Friday January 22, 2016 Tri Tip Beef Dinner

Bright and sunny again this morning. A little windy. Over night low was 55F and the high this afternoon was 70F. Wind from NW 12 to 15mph.

Walked Joy and came back and made coffee and bagels.

Tried the brackets in the drawer. They were too small.

Went to Yuma by way of Bard. Stopped and picked up mail at post office. Stopped at Lowes to gt brackets. They didn’t have them.

Went on to Arizona Market Place. Arizona Market Place is a large covered flea market. I was able to get the brackets there. Stopped in the food court for a beer. Jack Jackson and Friends was the entertainment. They are pretty good.

Jack Jackson 1-22-15
Jack Jackson and Friends

We then went to the Foothills Walmart. Picked up some of the things we’ve been forgetting. We then headed for the Foothills 99 Cent Only Store. Got a few more things we’ve been forgetting. Headed back to Imperial Dam for the 5:00PM Tri Tip Beef dinner. Jerry did a great job of barbequeing the beef. Lupita made some unbelievable stuffed jalapeno peppers. There were deviled eggs, beans and potato salad. Alan baked beer bread for the occasion. Tomorrow Lupita is making totillas at 11:00AM for brunch. Tomorrow’s dinner is chili and corn chowder.

Tri Tip Beef Dinner

We all sat around the camp fire again. Bob and Doris’ oldest son Dan came out from Yuma, so all of their family was here.

Camp Fire 1-22-15

Went back to the motor home and watched Shark Tank and Blue Bloods.

Thursday January 21, 2016 Day of Repairs

Another gorgeous day. Clear and sunny. Over night low was 47F and the high today was 71F. Wind was variable gusting to 10mph.

Walked Joy, made coffee and bagels.

Alan brought over the clamp on meter that he bought on Amazon and had sent to the Christian Center. The Christian Center provides mail and package service for the RVers in the area. They also have a thrift store.

Went over to Alan’s and helped him unroll his awning, which was rolled too tight to release with the regular lever. While Alan pulled on the awning strap, I used a plier on the release lever.

Alan made some blueberry muffins, so he suggested he make some coffee and we could have coffee and muffins. The muffins were delicious.

Alan's Blueberry Muffins

After we had our coffee break, Alan came over to our motor home to help me with the solar. Found out it was just a bad connection. The connection looked clean and it was tight, however after taking it apart and putting it back together it worked.

Alan then brought his bedroom light over and installed a new switch. I tried to put an LED lamp in it, but it wouldn’t fit. Alan replaced it with the original lamp and it worked well.

Cathy’s A-Fib went away during the night and she felt a lot better today. She did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing today.

I gathered up all the garbage including a bag from Alan and took it to the dumpster on Quail Hill. The view of Castle Dome from Quail Hill is really beautiful.

Castle Dome from Quail Hill
Castle Dome from Quail Hill

I took Joy on a long walk which she enjoyed a lot. She likes to explore. We climbed up on a hill and had a good view of the surrounding area.

Coyote Ridge
Coyote Ridge from Hill

At 5:00PM we all gathered at Jim and Lucy’s for dinner. Jane made pulled pork. Alan brought a delicious rice dish. The was some good cake and salads. Everyone is taking turns cooking for the rest of the week, making a main dish and everyone bringing something to complement it. Cathy and I are doing Sunday.

Dinner 1-21-15

After dinner we all sat around the camp fire. The Bobs got a load of firewood today and will probably get another load tomorrow.