Friday January 15, 2016 Breakfast at Silver Buckle

The weather was a little bit warmer today. Over night low was 39F and high today was 68F. It was overcast and hazy, but the sun did come out quite a bit. Felt pretty windy, but weather station said 8mph out of the NW. After sunset it was calm.

Got up to go to La Mesa RV for free biscuit and gravy breakfast. We got there at 9:10AM and they had quit serving biscuits and gravy and were serving pancakes. You got two large perfectly round pancakes and all the syrup you wanted. They were extremely good pancakes. They had apple juice and coffee to drink


We have eaten many free lunches at the La Mesa Silver Buckle Customer Oasis. We even went to a Super Bowl party there. The lunches they used to serve were really good.

Silver Buckle Customer Oasis at La Mesa RV
Silver Buckle Customer Oasis at La Mesa RV

The inside has a Western Cowboy motif with boots hanging from the ceiling and lots of cowboy pictures on the wall.

Inside Silver Buckle

The counter at the front door is made from the front of a Tiffin Allegro motor home.

Allegro Counter

After breakfast we went to see what they had in their surplus store, but there wasn’t any thing of interest. We then looked in a Grande Tour, a Country Coach and a Forza. We’re pretty happy with what we have.

We checked out things at the former Main Event, but didn’t get any thing. Went back to motor home via residential area. There is a very expensive building on the north side of town. I think it is condos, but we’re not sure.

Went back to motor home. I ate some left overs that Cathy heated up for me and finished the solar charge control install.

There are about 3 times as many RVs here now as last Friday. New Neighbors to the east are brothers, one with a motor home, wife and dog. The other one has a new short travel trailer and two dogs. He lost his wife around Thanksgiving.

Jerry started a campfire and we went over for awhile. It was cool enough that Schnapps sounded like a good idea. I thought I had root beer, but only had butterscotch and cinnamon.

Cathy made dirty rice for dinner. It was good. We had butter pecan ice cream for desert.

We watched “The Good Shepherd” DVD that Alan borrowed from the Quartzsite library.



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