Friday January 22, 2016 Tri Tip Beef Dinner

Bright and sunny again this morning. A little windy. Over night low was 55F and the high this afternoon was 70F. Wind from NW 12 to 15mph.

Walked Joy and came back and made coffee and bagels.

Tried the brackets in the drawer. They were too small.

Went to Yuma by way of Bard. Stopped and picked up mail at post office. Stopped at Lowes to gt brackets. They didn’t have them.

Went on to Arizona Market Place. Arizona Market Place is a large covered flea market. I was able to get the brackets there. Stopped in the food court for a beer. Jack Jackson and Friends was the entertainment. They are pretty good.

Jack Jackson 1-22-15
Jack Jackson and Friends

We then went to the Foothills Walmart. Picked up some of the things we’ve been forgetting. We then headed for the Foothills 99 Cent Only Store. Got a few more things we’ve been forgetting. Headed back to Imperial Dam for the 5:00PM Tri Tip Beef dinner. Jerry did a great job of barbequeing the beef. Lupita made some unbelievable stuffed jalapeno peppers. There were deviled eggs, beans and potato salad. Alan baked beer bread for the occasion. Tomorrow Lupita is making totillas at 11:00AM for brunch. Tomorrow’s dinner is chili and corn chowder.

Tri Tip Beef Dinner

We all sat around the camp fire again. Bob and Doris’¬†oldest son Dan came out from Yuma, so all of their family was here.

Camp Fire 1-22-15

Went back to the motor home and watched Shark Tank and Blue Bloods.

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